Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot Surprises Fans with Announcement of Fourth Child’s Birth

On her personal Instagram page, Gal Gadot posted a picture of herself holding her fourth daughter in the hospital with the status line: “Welcome, my sweet daughter.”

Immediately after the photo was posted, the audience was extremely surprised because the actress had never announced her pregnancy before. Both Gal Gadot and her husband Yaron Varsano kept the secret completely until the actress gave birth to a healthy, safe baby.

“Pregnancy was not easy and we got through it,” Gal Gadot continued to share in the post, “You have brought a lot of light to our lives, worthy of your name Ori. Left.” Our hearts are filled with gratitude, welcoming you to the family.”

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot suddenly announced the birth of her fourth child - Photo 2.

(Photo: Instagram/Gal Gadot)

Also in this post, the Wonder Woman star revealed that her daughter’s name Ori means “my light” in Hebrew. This is a very meaningful name and completely suitable for the baby’s birth situation according to the actress. In addition, Gadot’s husband also posted a photo of the new family member on his personal page, and thanked his wife for being strong during the birth of her fourth child.

This is not the first time Miss Israel has kept her pregnancy a secret. Previously, in 2017, the actress revealed that she did not announce her pregnancy with her second child because she did not want to be treated differently on set.

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