Watch: Sugar Factory staff serves up sweet surprise ft. Cardi B in viral birthday celebration

An energetic and flamboyant group of restaurant workers were captured on video throwing that ultimate birthday celebration for a patron.

Restaurant break into vibey dance

A video shared on TikTok by Aleexis Raee (@aleexisraee) shows one of the waiters of Sugar Factory in Detroit handing over a scrumptious plate of dessert to the birthday boy or girl before the group of workers proceeds to break into an epic dance routine to Cardi B’s Up hit song in the restaurant.

Their moves were nothing short of amazing. They displayed fancy footwork, gyrated their hips, and even twerked to the tune.

Waiters’ dance breaks the internet

The video garnered over 41.8 million views on TikTok. The comments section was abuzz with light-hearted comments from netizens praising the enthusiastic restaurant staff.


“The sugar factory better give them a raise .”

KiKi said:

“These are professional dancers having fun working at the sugar factory ✨.”

thegreatdane62 reacted:


Vicki wrote:

“I have never heard of the sugar factory doing this in Miami. I guess I have to go to Detroit to celebrate my birthday.”

leavemealonex25 responded:

“The guy in front was waiting his whole shift for this moment.”

ya girl Esh♓️ commented:

“He has been looking for a birthday ALL DAY!!.”

conqueringwealth7 remarked:

“Appropriately named -The Sugar Factory.”

Spur’s birthday song stuns American man

In another story, Brielfy News reported that an American celebrated his birthday at none other than a Spur restaurant, and boy, was he in for a surprise! As the waiters gathered around to serenade him, the look of shock and delight on his face was priceless. Lucky for us, it was all captured on TikTok for the world to see! His South African wife @angelica_godin shared the footage and gushed about his reaction.


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