Watch now, Video of Cardi B and Offset’s tongue kicking each other right on stage and accidentally revealing her underwear when pulling her leg

Cardi B and Offset’s split is a publicity stunt when they are together for New Year’s

Fans of Nicki Minaj think that Cardi B and Offset’s most recent fight is just a publicity gimmick.

Two weeks ago, Cardi B announced that she and her partner Offset were divorcing. Media reports of the breakup surfaced just after Offset was accused of cheating on Cardi with Blackface’s mother, Chrisea¿ Rock.

It seems that Cardi’s “separatioο” could just be a massive publicity stunt.

Speaking with two well-positioned media industry insiders, Media Take O’t found that both think Cardi’s “separatio¿” isn’t genuine.

After months of cheating scandals, Cardi B and Offset parted ways – Los Angeles Times

Cardi B & Offset's Relationship: A Timeline – Billboard

One of the observers said that the two individuals, who have both recently struggled to sell albums, are preparing to “break the bank” in order to get attention for a potential film project.

The insider said, “I don’t think they broke up.” I know that they are working on a project together that is very exciting. I believe it’s all just for the public.

Additionally, there is additional evidence that the separation might be CAP. Cardi B and Offset will both be performing at the Foggy Aérée hotel in Miami for their New Year’s Eve concerts, according to media reports.

Cardi B Is Reportedly Getting Back Together with Offset and Moving In with Him

The concerts, which will be held in two different areas of the hotel, will both be held at the same upscale establishment and will both take place in the evening at the Fountainhead.

Cardi B and DJ Gryffiÿ will play in the hotel’s lazy pool. According to the venue’s website, tickets for Cardi’s concert “range from $5,000 up to $25,000 stage-front cabanas for larger groups.”

The trendy spot of the hotel, LIV, will host the offset. Ticket prices range from $125,000 to $15,000.

There are rumors of a fracture in Nicki Minaj’s and Offset’s relationship, leading fans to assume that the two are trying to divert attention from the release of Pink Friday 2.

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