VIDEO: Nick Young Recalls Scrambling Tale of Gilbert Arenas Acting Psychopathic Around Draya Michelle in the Car’s Backseat.

Nick Young had a pretty raunchy story to tell about model Draya Michele following her recent pregnancy announcement.

Draya, 39, is dating 22-year-old Houston Rockets star Jalen Green. She recently took to social media to reveal that she is expecting, much to the annoyance of other users, who have accused her of taking advantage.

Draya Michele and Swaggy P with Gilbert Arenas.

Young, a very entertaining storyteller, was on a live call with former NBA teammate Gilbert Arenas this week when the topic of Draya’s pregnancy came up.

Arenas would claim that the model “got the young boy” before Young sort of recalled a story about Draya and Arenas doing certain things in the backseat of a car during his rookie year.

Agent Zero, though, did not permit Swaggy P to tell the full story, reminding him that Draya is “a mother now.” But what he said was enough to let us know that they were engaged in some form of intimacy.

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Young claimed the moment was a wake-up call for him as it opened his eyes to the possibilities with women as an NBA player.

Check it out below:

Back in 2020, Arenas revealed he used to sleep with Young’s girlfriends to prevent him from falling in love. We have to assume he would have enjoyed doing it to Green.

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