Unveiling the Incredible Love Story: From Crystal Feet to 60 Years of Enduring Romance

He was born disabled.

His legs don’t function at all.

His wife lifts, washes and dresses him up.

He would never manage without his beautiful wife, who refused to give up on her husband despite her mother-in-law’s advice of running away from this man.

They live under difficult life situation.

This woman has to do everything for the man, though everything went wrong.

This woman will never give up on his husband.

Meet this couple with a love story that will make you cry.

The measure of love is to love without measure.

The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself without the threat of you living.

Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion.

Emotions and feelings change sometimes daily, but true, unconditional love is everlasting.

It stays forever and ever.

On our journey to visit this couple that lives in the hilly area, reaching there was not easy due to a limited infrastructure.

There are some routes where vehicle cannot pass.

We had to travel by foot, but it’s easy to reach at him in this area because he was known for his disability.

Anyone can direct you to his home.

I was born with these disabilities.

Since growing up, i found myself looking like this and i was not even taken to hospital in my childhood, when my parents remembered that doctors can help.

It was too late, so i had to remain this way when he proposed me.

It was quite unique, because i lived far from here.

My husband was born here, yet he had this disability that could not allow him to make any movement.

So he sent a messenger on his behalf.

The messenger came to me and said: i have came to find a husband for you.

I felt like it was the right time for me to get married, so i came here to see who my husband would be.

I found his this one and my heart convinced me that he’s the right partner.

We went shopping and then lived together.

I sent my messenger to find a lover.

The messenger met my wife and then the wife had to come here so that we can meet, know each other and plan long-term project, which was married.

When i told her what was on my heart, she said yes, and that’s how we lived together ever since.

It’s now almost 60 years living together in love, as long as he’s living with this disability since we got married.

I’m the one who took responsibilities of a man.

Here i mean working so that i can provide for both of us.

I struggle and hustle hard to get what we can rely on for a few days and sometimes i look after people’s cattle and i’m rewarded.

Food and life goes on due to his disability, this old man, to make any movement, he needs people to lift him and most of the time is the wife who has to lift him and take him where the man is going.

Since i was born, i haven’t gone far from this place.

I haven’t gone anywhere, because i cannot see a person who would lift me the whole day.

I was born here.

I live here and i will die from here because i can’t manage to move.

We left him when there is an emergence case and when he is required to be there, or by when he accompanies the wife or when they go to the field for cultivation.

We have to take him there.

When i’m near her, i come and lift him.

When there is someone else, they lift him because he’s near the roadside.

People are always passing by and we are not bad people who cannot do this man a favor and give him a lift, though it’s like that.

I will never give up on my husband, no matter what i think we passed through difficult moments.

If i was to give up on him.

I would have done it early, during when the old spark and fears were everywhere.

Tensions were high and many people started fleeing, and they also advised me to flee and leave this husband as long as he can’t run.

But i said no, of course i would not lift him until we reach where we are going.

Instead, i said: if it’s a time to go, we will die together, and if we survive, we also survive together.

I remained by his side and, for God’s mercy, we survived.

Those who fled went and came back finding us here.

Only God protected us.

So i’m telling you this once again that i will never give up on him, no matter what, until death.

Do us a part more.

Contrary to today’s couples who share what they have, and when they don’t have what to share, each one goes their ways.

That’s not how it is here.

If it has money, we share it.

If i have money, we do the same, and even if we don’t have money, it’s okay.

We’ll relax and have faith that a time will come when everything will be okay.

My mother-in-law asked me whether i will be able to manage all the responsibilities of my home, whether i’ll be available in case of any insecurity, whether i’ll handle it.

She told me that my husband is worthless and he won’t help me in anything.

She advised me to go away and leave this lamb here alone.

Though he is disabled.

He tries to help the wife in different activities with the digging, looking after animals and collecting some food.

I try and help my lovely wife in our daily activities like here.

We’re in front of my home.

It’s not far.

I try and be by her side so that he cannot feel lonely.

Yet i’m around.

I can’t just remain sleeping in the house.

I try and show her that we are together and i know it makes her happy to see that i have the courage to work and participate in different activities as i can.

They live in a small house of one room and a living room.

They cook from inside their living room.

We are lucky to see them prepare and share their meal.

Happily, this is how i live.

I sleep in that room and this is where we cook from.

As long as we have no kitchen, we cook from our living room.

We are thankful that today we have got our meal, but, trust me, it’s always very difficult because the food we’re eating is not our harvest.

Those are sweets of my wife.

You see, i can’t manage to do any work.

She works for people and they pay her food and she doesn’t work every day.

Some days we drink water and sleep.

Not that we are on diet, but because we don’t have what to eat, the husband always stays at home and since he was born he hasn’t traveled a lot.

But for me it’s quite different.

If i remain here, we’ll both die of hunger.

I have to look for the activities that generate income and there is no any other thing other than cultivating.

I cultivate for people and they pay me.

That’s how i earn.

Getting money for other essential needs like soaps, clothes and so on seems impossible.

We have to wait for our bananas to ripen, then make wine out of them and sell like those bananas in the living room.

We’re waiting for them to ripen so that we will get money and buy a few things.

I have my two side- children who got married.

They are only mine.

Me and this husband never got lucky enough to produce children who got married when i had those two children of mine.

We tried making love but failed.

But that can’t stop our love.

Here are some goats and one bull, but they don’t belong to us.

We are grazing for someone else.

We are for our neighbors.

We are just keeping them for the sake of only getting manure.

Whenever i don’t have enough manure for our crops, we tell neighbours to learn as those animals, and after a certain period i collect enough manure needed.

Then Handbags- and i know this man since long ago, even before he got married.

But this is a painful story if you see how hard and difficult their life is and compare to how nowadays no one helps the other.

It’s a painful story.

This woman struggles to provide for his husband.

You can imagine she has to be even nearer to the husband.

Even when she’s at work.

She has to make sure she checks on the husband.

So life to these people is not easy.

She has to fetch water, cook and do everything.

What we appreciate is the perseverance of this woman spending all these 60 years struggling for your partner and lifting him every day.

She is really one of those unsung heroes.

She deserves an oscar.

I see this mother having a heart like that of Jesus Christ because she sacrificed his life for the husband.

I would request people seeing this video to help us.

We almost have nothing.

We need a lot of things and you can see how we live.

We really need your support.

Encourage, lift and strengthen one another, for the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all.

Look up our note down, look forward and not back, look out and not in and lend a hand.

I’m Elijah, and this is afromax english.

Thank you for watching.

We love you.

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