Unraveling the Tale of ‘The Boy with 2 Heads’: A Phenomenal Journey

Day break 6: 30, another normal day for these parents as they wake up every day going straight to the farm since they rely on the harvest.

But the husband and his wife never had a chance to attend school.

That’s why they put more effort in agriculture as the only source of income to many villages of the lower class here, but even the hair cultivating.

It seems like there’s something wrong.

Both parents are not happy.

They have spent more years without resting due to their boy who has a giant neck tumor.

Eight-year-old hero Emmanuel studies in primary one but has a body condition that will soon force him to drop out of school if not treated.

He has a big tumor on his neck.

A neighbor say the little boy has two heads.

The condition stops the boy from sleeping the whole night as his, always feeling unbearable pain and parents always trying as hard as they can to help the boy.

They also tell us more of the boy’s situation.

The Father says the boy wasn’t born like this.

He was born normal and healthy, but after only six months he developed a small pimple on his neck.

The pimple started aching and the little boy would scratch it daily.

The more he scratched, the more this pimple swelled and turned out to be this big tumor.

Parents took him to hospitals after seeing the boy’s health condition becoming more and more life-threatening.

He says they visited a lot of hospitals trying to see whether the boy’s life would be saved soon, but all was in vain because he never received any treatment.

Parents found out they never got the best treatment because they never had enough money, having even failed to pay for the boy to go under an x-ray scan and other examinations.

Since the day this little boy snake started swelling.

Up to now they don’t know the exact illness the boy has, despite having gone to hospitals for several times.

The Father says they’re trying to get the problem fixed in every possible way.

They’re seeking support from every corner of the world so as to take the boy to the hospital.

The problem remains.

Neighbors here who are adding salt to the wound.

They can’t let this little boy have peace.

They’re always discouraging, trolling and bullying him, showing the boy how he looks different from others, saying he has to hate and so

And so to him.

As a father this has to be the opposite.

He says the boss should be shown some love and care.

He tells the boy to be strong, that everything soon will be fixed and making sure the eight-year-old.

Despite all this, the boys still have the courage to wake up every day with one sole purpose of having a better future.

That’s why he cannot miss any class.

He attends regularly and is focused, but whenever he remembers how they say, he has to hate and many more, he loses focus in class.

And due to all those trolls, plus the fact that there’s a long distance from home to school being the reason he always comes late in class, sometimes he refuses to attend class and the father has to remind him the reason why one attends class.

The parents are farmers and depend on agriculture.

They don’t have big pieces of land so that they would plant a load and have the supplier serviced for markets as a way of earning money.

A small piece of land means the harvest can only feed them, being the reason they failed to get their boys treatment.

As they all can see, he needs advanced treatment.

They have no hope and are not sure whether they’ll ever get the boy’s treatment quality, or gem says, apart from having this next swelling problem, the boy is a very obedient child who respects each and everyone and has a big dream.

He always tells parents that one day he wants to be a doctor and will be treating young children like him, but he’ll be doing this for free.

Parents are praying hard there that maybe one day his dreams would come true.

When asked why things the boy might be suffering from, this father responds saying he knows nothing about the child’s illness.

They don’t know what the eight-year-old is suffering from, due to simply lack of enough money, being the reason they’re here requesting each and everyone to support and lend them a helping hand.

Florence is the mother to the young boy.

She says, as a parent no one would be happy seeing the child become like this.

She and the dad met a money barrier and are now waiting for only God to intervene and help the eight-year-old.

She says that apart from physical pain, the boy feels he also has a little depression.

Like what the father says, this mother adds that there is only one thing in this world that bring a smile back on her face and make her happy, and that is seeing the boy get treated and having a normal life.

This alone is enough to make this mama happy and grateful.

But since doors are shut and she does not this happening anytime soon, she says this remains a dream.

But hope one day this dream will come true.

You can contribute money for helping this little boy to get treatment by contributing via the giving left link phone in description and pinned in top comments.

We know life is hard.

We know you’re doing your best to live it, but sometimes it gets really tough, so tough that one might think he’s not tough enough to keep going.

But that’s when we have to remind ourselves that the only valuable solution is going through it.

We should keep in mind that after every storm, the sun will smile.

For every problem there is a solution and the soul’s in the feasible duty is to be of good cheer.


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