Unforgettable Acts of Kindness: Strangers Shower Sick Puppy with Healing Hugs of Compassion

Logan is an 8-week-old German Shepherd puppy who gets to stay a puppy for the rest of his life.

Logan was diagnosed with a level-5 heart murmur, but after visiting the veterinarian, Saenz realised his situation was considerably more serious.

He has three things wrong with his heart that are irreversible,” his foster mother, Lindie Saenz, explained. Saenz helps Rescued Hearts Northwest by fostering dogs.

Logan was taken in by Rescued Hearts Northwest after his previous rescue agency was unable to care for his diseases. He was freely advertised on a local Facebook buy/sell group.

Rescued Hearts Northwest’s mission statement states that they want to save the lives of at-risk dogs while also educating communities about spaying and neutering. The organisation takes in roughly 200 dogs every year and will do all possible to help dogs with health issues. The organisation even sent one dog to Washington State University for a major and costly surgery.

Logan has pulmonic valve dysplasia, which means that the major valve in his heart is always partially open, preventing appropriate oxygenation of his blood. Logan’s heart is scarred and leaks fluids, and the vet told him anywhere from a month to a year to live, according to Saenz. He could die unexpectedly. According to Saenz, it would be similar to a heart attack.

Blake Saenz, Saenz’s 4-year-old son, named the puppy Logan after the “X-Men” character Wolverine, who can regenerate and heal himself. He reasoned that if they named him after the super hero, the puppy could be able to heal himself as well.

After saving a dog through Rescued Hearts Northwest, Saenz’s family has been fostering dogs for almost two years. It’s difficult to foster dogs, especially those you’ve had for a long time, according to Saenz, but the experience is well worth it.

Saenz assured her children that they would keep Logan, but he wouldn’t live long.

“They asked, ‘can we take him fishing?’” Saenz stated. Her children began asking for more places they could take Logan while he was still alive, and the list grew from there. Rescued Hearts Northwest shared the bucket list on their Facebook page, and members of the community contributed items to his list, such as receiving hugs from 100 different people.

“He’s the smartest puppy I have ever had,” she remarked. Logan is already able to sit, stay, and lie down. He also enjoys cuddling. “He’s a shadow — always at my feet.”

Some bucket list items have been achieved, such as going to the beach and digging in the sand, obtaining a “puppaccino,” and visiting Mud Bay and selecting a toy. Some will be done soon, such as going to Mt. Baker to view the snow and having a backyard campout. His 100-hug challenge is about halfway finished. According to Saenz, the number of people on the hug list may have to expand.

Logan has even been approached by the Bellingham Police Department to become an honorary K-9. He’ll meet the trainers and have a small ceremony, according to Saenz.

“One of the senior’s grabbed him and said, ‘you just get to be a puppy forever,’” Saenz recollects. He also visited an early learning centre and was able to visit small children from class to class.

Going to a senior centre was one of the bucket list tasks.

He’s been to a farm, had a steak supper, and gone to Dairy Queen for a burger and ice cream.

“This is harder for the people in his life than for him,” he remarked. “This way his little life means something.”

Logan will have a meet and greet with Rescued Hearts Northwest in order to fulfil his goal of 100 hugs. The event will take place on Sunday, Jan. 20, from noon to 3 p.m. at the Bellingham Mudbay, 1022 Lakeway Dr.

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