Unconditional Love: Dolly the Dog’s Heartfelt Companionship with Her 5-Year-Old Friend Touches Hearts Online

All of us likely endured a “time out” during our childhood at least once. It is the go-to method for parents to impose consequences on disobedient behavior.

As seen in a viral photo, one young boy’s furry best friend showed an act of compassion by joining him during his few minutes of time out.

Peyton Smith and his four-legged friend Dash are inseparable! According to Peyton’s mother Jillian Marie Smith, having Dash around has enriched the family’s life immensely. She explains, “Peyton absolutely adores Dash–he is truly his best buddy!”

Facebook/Jillian Marie Smith

In 2020, a heartwarming image of their unwavering loyalty was shared around the world – proving that this pup is an exemplary example of true friendship.

As reported by Good Morning America, after Peyton and Ryleigh had a disagreement, their parents determined that the best way to reprimand him was with several minutes of time out.


As the three-year-olds accepted their reprimand, standing in solemnity beside the wall, they were not alone. Dash faithfully stayed by his side as Peyton comfortingly wrapped an arm around him.

Jillian was lucky enough to capture the cherubic moment in a picture. She captioned it, “When you’re being punished but your best friend won’t let you serve alone”.

“I had my phone with me when he was in time-out and snapped a shot,” she revealed to GMA. “It’s an image that I hold dear, one which will be forever cherished.”


Everyone was quickly endeared by the little boy’s mischievousness! “It was so sweet to watch Peyton wrap his arm around Dash,” said the mom, beaming. “Whenever he had to sit in time-out, I think it hit him that he missed having his buddy right beside him.”

When the photo was published in January 2020, it became an immediate hit! The post quickly took off and spread like wildfire. Even to this day, years later, people are still talking about it – making it a true classic that has withstood the test of time.


Even now, this picture remains as popular as ever! It’s truly incredible how it has impacted so many lives and continues to be shared across the world. I am still in awe of its impact, Jillian posted on Instagram last year.

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