Unbearably Adorable: 50 ‘Not My Cat, My House’ Moments That Will Make Your Heart Melt – Fresh Photos to Add Joy to Your Day

he “My house, not my cat” Facebook page is a humorous platform dedicated to sharing amusing and sometimes unnerving moments when individuals return home to find a cat that doesn’t belong to them casually hanging out in their houses. The page captures the unpredictable and entertaining nature of cat behavior, highlighting instances where these curious and independent animals decide to explore new territories.

Cat owners are well aware that their feline companions may roam far and wide, exploring areas beyond their own homes. However, the humorous twist in these stories comes from encountering a cat that has ventured inside someone else’s residence, leading to unexpected and amusing situations.

The page likely features a collection of photos and stories submitted by people who have experienced these surprise cat visits. The humor often lies in the nonchalant expressions and poses of the cats as they make themselves at home in locations where they technically don’t belong.

For those who appreciate the quirky behavior of cats and find joy in the unexpected, the “My house, not my cat” Facebook page provides a lighthearted and relatable space to share and enjoy these entertaining encounters. It serves as a reminder that cats, with their curious and independent personalities, may not adhere to human concepts of property ownership.

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I Now Apparently Have My Own Orange. This Dude Showed Up At My House, Ran Inside And Refused To Leave. No Microchip And No Claimants. He Now Responds To The Name Carrot Cake


This Little Fluff Wandered In And Decided My Wife’s Crochet Basket Was A Comfortable Bed


Went To My Friend’s House The Other Evening. She Went Through To The Kitchen To Make A Drink

Like many solitary predators, cats are territorial. This might sound a bit strange, given that they tend to pay precisely zero rent, and, indeed, often actually cost their owners more in security deposits. But, in general, cats do understand the concept of territory and space, marking their own and fighting interlopers when they feel threatened.

What might make this entire thing somewhat difficult for humans, is the fact that cats, particularly outdoor cats, might decide that someone’s house is now theirs and never mind that this person isn’t even their owner. However, as this list shows, many cats are at least quite chill around humans, which is fortunate, since they will literally fight, tooth and nail, for their own territory.


Sometime between the evening of 4/4 and the afternoon of 4/5: a feral momma gave birth to five beautiful munchkins in a box of clothes I had put on my patio to throw away. I feel chosen. I asked the angels for a “signer sign than usual” (lmao) the other day and I’ve been researching kittens and cats for years. I’m so ready to help these precious souls :’) (I’ll help by providing supportive care for the next three months, hopefully socializing the kittens and setting up shelter intake, then tackling tnr for the whole colony)


These Two Showed Up On My Porch A Few Days Ago Looking For Food And Love

They wanted all the love and whenever my husband and I would go back inside, they would yowl at us until we came back out. I always saw them at the neighbors so we assumed they belonged to the neighbors, but after further inspection, they were kind of skinny, covered in fleas, and not fixed. Husband said no more cats! So I figured I could at least treat them for their fleas, feed them, and possibly TNR so they don’t reproduce when they get older. I set up a little shelter for them as it was kinda cold out. When I woke up, I was sad to see that they were both gone. A few hours later though, my husband wakes up and I tell him how sad I am that they aren’t on our deck anymore. My husband (Zack) then proceeds to smile and say “Well what if drunk Zack went outside, thought to himself ‘Wow it’s chilly outside. Let me call the kikis inside’ and went ‘here kikiki’ and then both kitties came running and I grabbed them and threw them into the house?” at this point I don’t believe him and walked downstairs because I’m the one that catnaps strays, not him lol. Well low and behold, these two orange babies are in our spare room. So no longer, my house, not my cat, but my house, my pumpkin and spice

Kitty AllisterReport


My Work, Not My Cat This Is In A Truck Manufacturing Workshop With 30+ Guys And This Cat Is Adored By All And Gets So Much Attention It’s Hilarious

The cat used to be feral but has adopted us all!

If you are particularly unlucky, the cat that isn’t yours but is in your house will do its best to make it their own home with the cat legal code, i.e. marking their territory with urine. In best-case scenarios, the cat is marking just by walking around, as their paws have scent glands that other cats can detect. The fact that you can’t detect them doesn’t appear to make any sense. However, some male cats will also pee on your property, just to let you know who is in charge.


This Gorgeous Boy Had Been Coming To My House For Breakfast For Years

Jack was abandoned when his humans moved 7 or 8 years ago. I’ve been working with him for at least 5 years. As soon as he started coming inside my house, not my cat, I knew it was time. He was way too skinny and covered in fur mats. He has definitely become my cat. In the 7 or 8 weeks since he became mine, he’s now fixed, has his vaccines, got a flea treatment, and had dental surgery. Now, we’re working on putting some weight on him and integrating him into the household with the cats who were always mine


This Frail Old Boy, Who Is Not My Cat, Is Always Trying To Get Into My House


My Husband… Not Our Cat

This is Symba a local street cat, he has a home a bit of a trek away but he has taken to spending time with our cats. We’ve had some pretty rainy weather and he’s decided this lap is warmer and drier than being outside or making his way home! We are in regular contact with the owner who is grateful that he gets some extra love when he’s not ther

Actual cat owners will note that, unlike most of us, cats really do like to use the entire three dimensions of space in the room. While we mostly sit on some objects mere feet from the ground, cats will “guard” their territory from the highest point they can find. If some of your items need to be pushed aside, then so be it.


Not My Cat Caught Breaking Into My Bathroom. He’s Very Cute, Very Rowdy And Didn’t Apologize For Barging In

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