Twisted Destiny: A Touching Chronicle of 2 Sisters Battling a Rare Disease, Turning Heads Like ‘Alien

Not long after they were born, their parents discovered that both of their daughters had a strange disease that caused their heads and necks to be crooked and their health to be weak. Many people, upon seeing them, mocked them as “aliens.” pure”.

When the child was born, the parents were shocked to discover that the child had a strange disease

In recent days, on many forums, there have been posts about the case of two sisters, Hoang Thi Bach Tuyet (7 years old) and Hoang Thi Yen Nhi (4 years old), both residing in Lang Toi village (Yen Nguyen commune – Chiem district). Hoa – Tuyen Quang province) has scleroderma, which makes both children’s bodies not look like normal children.

Having the disease causes both sisters to always have crooked heads, no hair growth, difficulty walking, and having to roll their eyes to look at others, causing many people to pity them.

Video: Feeling sorry for 2 little girls with a strange disease that causes their heads to always be crooked.

Many people even likened the appearance of the two sisters Tuyet and Nhi to aliens, making anyone feel sorry for them. It was even more pitiful to learn about the family’s difficult economic situation. Their father and mother had to spend all their money to take their children everywhere, but their illness still did not improve.

Baby Tuyet (right) and baby Nhi (left) suffer from scleroderma, which causes weak health and a crooked head (family photo provided).

Talking to us, Mr. Hoang Van Toan (born in 1986), a father of two children, could not help but sadly say: “My wife and I got married in 2009 and in 2011, we gave birth to baby Tuyet. Still developing like normal children. However, later they discovered that the child had strange symptoms, so the family took him to the doctor and the doctors said he had scleroderma.”

The family said that Tuyet and Nhi’s intelligence is normal but their heads are always crooked.

Knowing his child’s illness, Mr. Toan and his wife, Ms. Dinh Thi Si (born in 1985), took their child everywhere for treatment, but the illness did not improve.

Mr. Toan also said that in 2013, the family continued to give birth to their second child, Hoang Thi Yen Nhi. Nhi continues to suffer from the same disease as her older sister.

When he was born, Mr. Toan’s children developed normally but then became ill.

” When our children were born, they were normal, but after a while, they suddenly became sick. We didn’t know what to do, so we just tried to work and earn money to feed our children and take them to the hospital for treatment. Although Even though my children have been sick for many years, the disease still hasn’t improved,” Mr. Toan said sadly.

Little Tuyet had to drop out of school because of poor health.

Speaking more about her child’s illness, Ms. Dinh Thi Si sadly said: “The two children still have normal intellectual development, but due to the disease, their limbs are not strong, they often get sick and sick. The head is always tilted to one side.

Unable to go to school due to poor health

At the present time, Mr. Toan and Ms. Si’s family have moved out to live separately, combined with both daughters being sick and in poor health, so the couple often have to take turns taking care of their children and then paying for their children’s medical treatment. So life becomes increasingly difficult.

However, that does not mean that Mr. Toan and Ms. Si do not love their two little daughters. They said: “Even though our child is sick, we are always devoted to him. Whenever we have a little capital or money saved, we take him for examination and treatment and pray for his illness to improve.” .

Mr. Toan also said: “Because my two children are sick, I just stay at home and work in the fields like everyone else does, sometimes working as a construction worker to earn extra money to go to the fields to take care of the children. My wife has to work as a laborer. Because I’m busy from morning to night, I don’t have the time to take care of my children.”

Ms. Si said that both daughters are obedient, eat well and sleep well.

Speaking sadly, Ms. Si and Mr. Toan said that the family’s fate was extremely uncertain and difficult when both children had the same disease. Watching the children in the village play, run and jump as well as go to school brought tears to the couple’s eyes many times.

The two children’s bodies are sick so they are not like normal children.

Ms. Si confided: “Little Tuyet could only finish preschool at the age of 5 and then could not continue going to school because her health did not allow it, combined with difficulty in moving, so the family decided to let her drop out of school. As for Nhi, up to now, she cannot go to preschool.”

Currently, Tuyet and Nhi want to be cured.

Talking to us, Mr. Tran Huu Duong (Secretary of the People’s Committee of Yen Nguyen commune – Chiem Hoa district) said: “Baby Tuyet and baby Nhi have had the disease since they were young. Up to now, the disease has not improved, so it is very difficult for their parents to cope with the disease. taking care of and worrying about medical treatment for the two children.”

The family’s shabby thatched-roof house.

Mr. Duong also added: “It’s possible that little Tuyet and Nhi have a genetic disease from Mr. Toan’s younger sister. Currently, Mr. Toan is a local farmer and works as a construction worker, while Si is a worker. Family life The family is facing many difficulties.”

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