The Incredible Story of the Girl Living in a Bowl

Nineteen-year-old Rama Haruna has lived almost her whole life in unbearable pain after her arms and legs failed to develop properly.

A loving family does their best to move her around using a plastic bowl.

I wasn’t gonna tell you how to do that

And I tell ya a seemingly healthy newborn.

Rama’s mother soon noticed that her daughter was missing key developmental milestones.

From 6 months when she learnt how to sit

Therefore that she did it that year that my heating up a momentous, a inaccurate.

The cause of her condition is not yet known and Rama’s family worked tirelessly to find a diagnosis.

looking for work to pay for her bills.

Savety belongs to the owner.

We don’t know where specialist medical testing is expensive and the family hope to get the attention of a charity to help give Rama a better quality of life.

Kind gestures from those who heard about Rama in the local press have already made a big difference.

and we met someone who bought her a wheelchair

Our time taken to say welcome.

Despite the challenges she faces, the brave team is full of hope for her future you.

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