Surprise Discovery: Mechanic Uncovers Kitten Inside Car Engine During Routine Oil Change

One day, the Lakeland Hyundai staff found themselves thrust into an unexpected mission of feline rescue.

The following story, retold with a touch of wisdom, takes us through the heartwarming journey of how a little furball found itself caught in a hopeless situation.

Amid their usual routines, Lakeland Hyundai’s service technicians noticed something unusual when a customer rolled in for an oil change.

Kianna Daniels, the service advisor at the dealership, shared her experience with CTV News, recalling the moment of intrigue:

“We both heard this really awful sound, and she just came for an oil change, so I didn’t think it was anything mechanical.”

Curiosity piqued, Daniels embarked on an investigative mission, lifting the car’s hood to uncover the source of the perplexing sounds.

What met her gaze was a kitten’s delicate paw, ensnared amidst the intricate workings of the engine.

Credit: lakelandhyundai

“It did have a little burn on its fur, and it was limping a bit, but other than that it was fine.”

With determination and compassion in her heart, Daniels set on the mission to rescue this little warrior, with the help of her colleagues.

Their deduction suggested that the kitten had endured at least twenty minutes of this perilous ordeal, as the customer hailed from an out-of-town location.

Ryan Monczunski, the sales manager at Lakeland Hyundai, explained that it’s not uncommon for small animals to seek refuge inside vehicles or seek warmth near a car engine during cold weather. His words carried a valuable lesson:

“When you get in your vehicle, especially in September, October, November, give it a couple of honks that’ll scare whatever it is in there before you start your car up.”

Following their act of compassion and intervention, the kitten’s fate took another turn. Monczunski’s wife, touched by the story, offered a helping hand.

Credit: Saskatoon

She gently picked up the injured kitten and carried it to the local veterinarian.

As the wheels of destiny continued to turn, the service advisor, whose heart had been profoundly touched by the kitten’s situation, decided to provide the little one with a new forever home.

“It’s getting its complete physical at the vet today, and she is going to adopt it. It’s pretty exciting.”

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder for us all to check our cars, especially during chilly days, as there may be a stray, innocent kitty seeking shelter beneath the hood.

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