Storm-Rescued Kitten Finds Forever Home in Her Rescuer’s Heart

A kitten wriggled her way into the heart of a woman, who cared for her after she was rescued from a storm.

Stormy the kittenOne Cat At A Time

Earlier this year, One Cat At A Time, a rescue group in Québec, Canada, was contacted about a kitten abandoned in a bag at a parking lot in Mirabel.

“A kind lady heard meows coming from a bag and saw it moving. She didn’t hesitate to secure the kitten and bring her to the vet during a heavy storm,” Marie Simard, the founder of One Cat at a Time, shared with Love Meow.

A volunteer of the rescue rushed to the clinic to help get the kitten into emergency care. The little one named Stormy was frail, dehydrated and having tremors.

She was found in a bag at a parking lot during a stormOne Cat At A Time

“She has a severe neurological condition called ataxia (which causes the kitten to be very unsteady on her feet). Stormy was lucky that someone had found her or she wouldn’t have survived.”

The kitten came with a host of health issues (including an eye condition). Despite everything she had gone through, Stormy was so grateful to be safe and cared for. She was a ray of sunshine, overflowing with purrs and affection.

She was so grateful and just wanted to be lovedOne Cat At A Time

During the time she was at the emergency room, Jade, a veterinary technician, tended to her needs. She quickly found herself completely smitten with the wobbly kitty. Stormy snuggled in her arms and tried to soak up all the love she could get.

Later that night, Stormy was discharged and went to a foster home, but had left a big paw-print in Jade’s heart.

Stormy the wobbly kitty loves peopleOne Cat At A Time

Over the next few weeks, Stormy continued to heal and adjust to her new surroundings. She picked herself up when she stumbled. Her wobbliness didn’t bother her as she took everything in stride.

Nothing made her happier than cuddling with her people and cozying up in their arms. “She had a very strong will to live, and she was purring nonstop and eating like a champ.”

She especially enjoys being cuddled in a soft blanketOne Cat At A Time

Jade the vet tech never forgot about her little wobbly friend. When she held Stormy on that fateful day, she felt an instant connection—the kitten reminded her of her own cat with the same neurological condition.

She reached out to the rescue last month and inquired about her old pal.

One Cat At A Time

“She wanted to adopt Stormy despite her many medical issues. She knows how to care for a wobbly cat, and she loves Stormy unconditionally,” Marie shared with Love Meow.

“Stormy was reunited with her family for life, and her mom adapted her home for Stormy.”

One Cat At A Time

The sweet kitten who was once abandoned, is now cherished by the family of her dreams. Being tucked in under her mom’s shirt is her new favorite way to nap.

Stormy cuddling with her favorite person in the worldOne Cat At A Time

“Stormy is a little miracle on four legs, and she has the best mom ever! This is how her new life begins!”

Home sweet homeOne Cat At A Time

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