Spring’s Splendor: The Mesmerizing Dual-Hued Eyes of Kittens

A kitten named Spring has the prettiest eyes, one blue and one bright green. The condition is called heterochromia, and it first appeared when she was about six weeks old. It was as if her eyes bloomed; fitting for a kitten named for the season of freshly blossoming flowers.

The breathtaking pictures delighted followers of Abdul’s Cats, where she was a foster with her siblings named for the Four Seasons and their mama Trixie. The kittens were about a week old when they arrived.

One of the fun things about kittens is watching how their eyes change color around 4 to 8 weeks old, starting from a beautiful kitten blue color. But it was a surprise to see Spring’s eyes go from bright blue to a mismatched pair of sparkly gems.

Spring, the kitten with Heterochromia. Images and media via Instagram/abdulscats

Spring’s Eyes Bloom in Two Brilliant Colors

“The kitten’s eye colors have started developing and it looks like Spring has Heterochromia – her eyes are two different colors!” shared Abdul’s Cats.

Images and media via Instagram/abdulscats

Of the Four Seasons, Spring was the only kitten with Heterochromia, which doesn’t affect her vision. Meanwhile her mother’s eyes were the palest green.

Many people know about Heterochromia from the late icon David Bowie, who had a blue and a black eye. However, he didn’t actually have Heterochromia. Instead, his eyes appeared different colors due to an eye injury from a childhood fight that affected his pupil.

Spring with her siblings, the Four Seasons

Trixie and the Four Seasons

Someone found Trixie outside on a cold Spring rainy day. She was just a year old and underweight. The little family was extremely lucky to go from the shelter to Abdul’s Cats, where Trixie could receive critical veterinary care after she suddenly lost her appetite. But thankfully, the loving but protective mama quickly recovered and returned to her Four Seasons.

When Spring’s Eyes Suddenly Bloomed

Below is Spring, freshly arrived in the foster home, her kitten blue eyes barely open. As you can see, there was no indication of heterochromia.

Spring the kitten at about a week old at Abdul’s Cats.

A little over three weeks later, the Four Seasons still all had their baby blues. If you look close, you can see Spring’s eyes are slightly different colors (Third kitten from the left below).

“I was going to get so much done today, and then I saw these faces”

But by the middle of the next month, Spring’s eyes had sprung. But as she grew, the colors lightened, and it was hard to tell they were different without a close look.

“Winter is just a little differentFrom left to right, they are Spring, Autumn, Winter, and Summer.”

Although we find it charming to see Spring’s pretty eyes, she’s like other kittens, playful and constantly amewsing. As with people, what really matters is who we are on the inside!

“The ancient cat practice of “if I fits…” featuring Spring”

The Four Seasons Come and Go

For every season, turn, turn, turn. Like the weather, the Four Seasons changed rapidly, and it was time to say goodbye. We’re happy to hear that Winter and Autumn went home together, while Spring and Summer each found individual homes with new cat siblings. And Trixie found a new foster home where she could finally be a carefree kitten, maybe for the first time ever!

“The seasons have come and gone onto their new homesFrom first days to forever homes, these kittens have found their happily ever after. Wishing them all a lifetime of cuddles and adventures,” Abdul’s Cats shared.

For more, you can follow Abdul’s Cats on TikTok and Instagram.

Images and media via Instagram/abdulscats

Abdul Williams with Spring the foster kitten.

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