Shocking Discovery: Woman’s 5-Year Pregnancy Mystery Leaves Everyone Astonished


A lot of things that we often see are very mysterious.

Most times we do not believe that they exist until we finally see them for ourselves.

Today, we bring you a story of a lady who is going through unspeakable pain and no one absolutely knows what’s happening to her.

She is called Jen.

What she is going through is terrible, and it’s obvious people that live around here say that she has been pregnant for years now.

Surprisingly, at first she also thought that she was pregnant, but when she went to the hospital she was also shocked.

The doctors told her that she is not pregnant at all, but there is a fluid that is getting filled into her belly.

They tried to find out where this fluid comes from, but they failed.

They transferred her to a much bigger hospital for advanced treatment, but she did not manage to go at this level.

The pain started becoming alert.

When she went to the hospital to seek for medicine, they totally refused to help her.

They said that they could hardly tell what she was suffering from.

This was the reason why they couldn’t just give her medicine, and they were afraid that it might affect her negatively.

She at least asked for painkillers, but they also refused to help out.

This is when she had to come back home and lost all the hope she heard.

What she was waiting for now was only death, because she couldn’t do anything to better her condition.

She is called a Finn.

She dropped out of school so that she can take care of her mother, since their father always goes to work to look for food for them to eat.

Jen cannot just live like this on her own, and this is the reason why this little girl had to drop out of school.

In the beginning, of course, she was a fine lady.

She got married to a man that she loved very much.

They decided to start a family on their own and by then she was showing no signs of being sick or pain, and she was totally fine.

She moved to this house, and this is when they started living together as husband and wife.

They did not have a lot of money, but they weren’t poor as they are today and, according to what Jen says, she is the reason why they spent most of their wealth.

They started having kids and they surely got a lot of them.

She gave birth to children one after another until they became seven.

They grew up and went to school normally, just like other children.

This is when she got sick, since she was used to giving birth.

When she saw her belly getting bigger every day she thought that she was pregnant.

She wasn’t showing any signs of pregnancy, so she decided to wait and give birth nine months later, like she always did.

Everyone at woman in their society thought that she was pregnant, but as time went by, the belly was getting bigger and bigger than normal pregnancy.

The pain also became too much, but she thought that it was normal.

It was five months now when she decided to go to the hospital and check out on the baby’s condition.

They had to sell most of the things they had so that they could take her to the city for treatment.

But this was not possible at all because they used all the money they had to buy for her medicine, since she needed it on a daily basis until one day that the doctors couldn’t give it to her anymore.

They were afraid that it would make her condition even more worse than it had been, and since she couldn’t afford to go to a better hospital for treatment, they could hardly do anything to help her, because they did not have the equipment that did it all.

She had seven children, but all of them are not around.

Two of them died.

One other grew up and went somewhere to look for life.

She says that what is happening to her family is something that she had never seen at all, and this is why she believes that this is witchcraft.

This is delifin.

One of our greatest wishes is to see a little daughter going back to school again, but this will happen one day when Jen is a little better than she is today, and this is one of the reasons why she is asking for help, because she does not know what to do anymore.

It was very expensive and it was quite a distance from where they live.

She says that it was just too much for them to handle.

The funds that will be used to help Jen get treatment will be donated via Gofundme, a link that is in the description of this video and pinned in the top most comment by Afrimax English.

We lose hope a lot of times according to what we see happening to us or even the people we love and care about.

In such times we think that these problems cannot be solved, but actually this is when we need the hope more than we ever did.

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