Serendipity Strikes: The Life-Altering Encounter with a ‘Pocket Princess’ Kitten

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Pittsburgh artist Caleb found his very own “Pocket Princess,” a tiny kitten he named Nala Jaye, while out walking home one day in late June. He couldn’t resist helping her and wasn’t about to leave her hanging on the street.

“I just naturally look out for people. She just struck something in me to just look out for her,” Caleb told The Dodo (see video below).

The tiny tabby quickly won him over, even though he’d never had a pet before. He was all smiles as she seemed to immediately know he was her human, even perching on his shoulder.

“It’s been a stressful few days, but today I found this lil kitten and a she’s a vibe. Taking her to the vet to see if she’s healthy. I know I said I might give her away, but [I don’t know] ’bout that now lol,” he wrote.

Images via Instagram/k1ngp3n__

Video by The Dodo about Caleb and the cute kitten:

Nala Jaye Takes Over TikTok Overnight

It’s no surprise to us, but the kitten quickly took over TikTok, becoming an “overnight hit”.  Everyone fell in love with her and how caring Caleb was for his pocket princess. She became his bestie overnight, too! During a difficult time in his life, when many things were going wrong at once, she changed everything for the better.

Caleb trains Nala Jaye to walk on a harness

“Everyone said I rescued her, but she really rescued me,” he explained on TikTok. “Like, I was the stray, honestly.”

Caleb Fergus and Nala Jaye the kitten, photo by Xavier ‘Art’ Thomas

What rescuing the kitten did for him was truly priceless, loving him unconditionally and giving him a sense of peace.

“I’m walking home, and I just hear this ‘meow, meow,’ and I look down and it was Nala Jaye,” he explained on TikTok. “I don’t know, I feel this sense of peace and calm. I’m appreciative to have something that really loves me unconditionally, It’s a great feeling to have.”

Photo by Xavier ‘Art’ Thomas of Caleb and Nala Jaye

He was such a caring cat dad from the beginning, giving her medicine and eye drops from the vet and ensuring she was spoiled in every way. As a protective dad, he wouldn’t let her venture outside unless she was with him and on a harness. And thanks to her new fans, the kitten started receiving lots of presents to help care for her: toys, food, you name it!

‘I’m not playin’ with the street cats because they will not corrupt my bougie cat,” he joked as she napped on his shoulder or roared with him like a tiny lion.


He even started holding her in the pouch of his sweatshirt!

“U even did the hoodie pouch thing for her – you’re definitely a CAT DAD!!!,” said TikToker Suzanne.

Life is Great Together

Nala Jaye has continued charming fans on TikTok and is a little bigger now! She’s having the best life with Caleb, who shared that “Life is great and is having a great time with his “boo” each day.

Video above via TikTok/calebjferg

As you can see, Nala Jaye has become the cutest mascot and grew up so fast.


“Sister is getting hyuge!” he said recently.

You can see more on TikTok at calebjferg and on Instagram at illnala412

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