Selena Gomez Sets Trends: Flaunting Her Toned Physique in Midriff-Revealing Ensemble

Selena Gomez, the 21-year-old pop sensation, won an award for Favourite International Artist/Group at the MuchMusic Awards 2014. Despite her impressive vocals, Selena also flaunted her toned legs and curvaceous behind in a pair of skinny jeans while out shopping in Studio City on Monday.

Selena Gomez flaunted her fit physique when she went out shopping in Studio City on Monday. The pop star wore a trendy midriff-baring blouse and distressed denim jeans that showed off her toned abs. She even added a light blue knit to complete the look. Selena didn’t forget to elevate her style by sporting nude-colored stilettos. She kept her hair in loose waves and wore gradient-lens sunglasses to keep a relaxed vibe.

The famous walker was seen confidently strutting in her nude stilettos. It appeared that the Love You Like A Love Song singer was still reveling in her recent victory, which seemed to have caused Miley Cyrus to become upset. Selena Gomez and Cyrus were in the same category, and after Gomez won, Cyrus posted a tweet saying, β€œRigged voting is wack just sayin,” in a Donald Duck voice. However, the MMVA Twitter account had already clarified that their voting system was not rigged and had a reliable tracking system in place.

Rewritten: Selena arrived at her shopping destination, dropped off by her personal driver to indulge in some much-needed retail therapy.

The attractive brunette won the 2014 MuchMusic Award for Favourite International Artist/Group in Toronto on the previous night. However, a feud began between her and Miley Cyrus after the latter’s concert in Milan on June 8, where she sang β€˜FU’ and held a cardboard cut-out of Selena. Despite this, Selena did not retaliate in a similar fashion. According to an insider from Hollywood Life, Selena knows that Miley will do anything to get attention, even if it means disrespecting others. Selena, on the other hand, has no respect for Miley and feels sorry for her because she believes Miley’s main priority is gaining attention.

Casual: Selena had a plain black bag and her trusty iPhone on her.

During her concert in Milan on June 8, Miley Cyrus sang β€˜FU’ while holding up a cardboard cut-out of Selena, leaving the latter feeling sympathetic towards the attention-seeking behavior of the 21-year-old singer.

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