Rib and Adobada Tales: A Heartwarming Journey of Stray Dogs Embraced by a Restaurant

Can you imagine going to eat at a restaurant and being greeted by the two cutest and furriest hosts in the world?

Without a doubt, this is the dream of any animal lover aware of the many dogs who do not have a home and who deserve to be treated with love.

Recently, a restaurant has captivated social networks for the great gesture it had with a pair of beautiful homeless furry dogs , whom it adopted and let their presence conquer the hearts of thousands of people.

Costilla and Adobada were helpless

It all happened in the state of Toluca, in Mexico, in a restaurant called Rancheros del Sur, with the protagonists of this tender story being two dogs named Costilla and Adobada , alluding to two highly requested dishes in the region.

Costilla and Adobada were two street dogs who, like many, wandered the dangerous streets approaching establishments hoping to receive a little food, without imagining that in one of their many adventures they would end up finding the home they always wanted.

These puppies just wanted to be loved.

The restaurant employees couldn’t help but resist the look and sincere smile of the two homeless dogs. They immediately understood that they had to do something to help them and decided to adopt them , making them distinguished members of the restaurant team.

It’s been 2 years since the restaurant workers adopted the beautiful dogs , but only now have they decided to share with everyone the story behind those dazzling smiles that have already gone viral around the world.

They have the most beautiful smiles since the restaurant became their true home

“For Rancheros del Sur, our community is very important. That’s why we want to introduce you to our collaborators, they are Costilla and Adobada, who have been working with us for 3 years at the branch,” the restaurant wrote.

The restaurant is more than proud of the origin of its two hosts , they know that everything they experienced on the streets makes them more special, and every day they want to make them very happy so that they can erase all the memories of their sad past.

Now they are the best security guards

For this reason, the restaurant invites everyone to come to Costilla y Adobada to play. They love to be treated with love and make new friends , above all, they enjoy being groomed with lots of pampering that comforts their sweet heart.

“They are rescued dogs, when you see them, say hello to them, they are very friendly to all our customers and friends,” the food establishment said.

Of course, social networks have been filled with congratulations and gratitude for the employees of this restaurant , for showing so much solidarity with those who need it most, because they cannot speak or defend themselves.

“Congratulations for being so supportive of so many people and animals. God multiplies all his beautiful actions. The more you give, the more blessings you receive. For that and more, I wouldn’t change my Rancheros del Sur for anything,” commented one Internet user.

And the restaurant does not stop helping those who need it most. During the worst of the pandemic, they did not stop promoting the adoption of homeless animals, and even brought free food to health professionals who fought every day against the virus.

First of all, the most important thing is that Costilla and Adobada are happier than ever to receive new friends, and to be treated like the two superstars that they are. Congratulations on you furry ones, you deserve that and more!

They are an incredible couple who celebrate having found the best job

We can all give a helping hand to helpless animals. May this emotional story serve to raise awareness about animal adoption.

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