Remarkable Triumph: The Journey of a Child Born with Hydrocephalus

Life is something that cannot happen like we want.

It is so unpredictable that we never know what is going to come up.

Today we bring you a story of an 11 year old boy who is living with a mysterious born disorder that makes them keep breaking like glass.

She is called Julienne.

She is a mother of this boy that is suffering from a bone disease, which they do not know where it came from, and right now they are watching their little boy suffer and going through terrible pain, but there is nothing that they can actually do about it.

The little boy is called Kevin.

It is hard for one to notice that he is 11 years old because, according to the way he looks, his mother says that he looks like he’s not older than five years of age, and this is what all people in this society keep saying about him.

She is a mother of three.

She is raising and taking care of them alone, since she lost her husband when they needed him the most.

She keeps struggling and doing all sorts of work in order to get food for her children, and this is why Kevin is always locked up in this house each and every day.

A few years ago, she got married to a man that was the love of her life.

They started their life together and they had to give birth to children, just like any other married couple during those years.

Julian and her husband were not very rich, but at least they had some money and their own house.

Her husband was working and everything was just good when they gave birth to these children.

She says that they had three children with her husband.

They were all no more and all went to school, had good meals and nothing seemed to be a problem.

But later the situation about their sun Kevin changed and affected their lives at large.

She says that her son, Kevin, was normal at birth and from then until he turned 4 he was completely fine and just after 4 years of age he couldn’t walk anymore.

He started crawling on the ground like a baby, yet he was already walking.

They took him to the hospital.

The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him and they suggested that they should wait for some time, as they kept doing research about Kevin’s condition.

His father couldn’t at all wait for this.

He took his son and they went to another hospital.

They had a checkup on Kevin’s body.

They also couldn’t find what was wrong with their baby’s bones, because it was the first time that they had actually seen anything like this, but Julian and her husband were asked to keep bringing their baby for regular checkups.

After some time of regular checkups, the doctors realized that Kevin’s bones kept getting soft one day after another.

They couldn’t tell why this was happening to him, but they described this as osteomalacia.

Osteomalacia is the name of a condition where the bones become so soft and weak, and this means that they can bend and break more easily than normal.

They break like plastic or even glass, and this is exactly what is happening to Kevin.

They were told that this condition could be treated if they took Kevin to a better hospital, which was very expensive.

But again they had to keep bringing him to the hospital so that they could at least slow down the rate at which his bones were becoming soft.

Kevin’s father sold everything he had, including his motorcycle and most of his property, hoping that one day he will see his son stand up and walk again, but this did not happen at all, because in the process of trying to look for money, he lost his life.

When he died, Julian was terrified.

She did not know what to do anymore.

She kept wondering how she was going to ever manage to pay school fees for her children, Kevin’s treatment and their daily meals.

Yet she did not have a job.

She realized that she had to figure something out.

She sold their house and they moved to a small rental one.

Kevin’s situation was getting worse, so she spent almost all the money she had paying his hospital bills until it all got done.

And this is when they started facing what she calls a nightmare.

Kevin’s hospital bills couldn’t be paid anymore, so he stayed home and his condition kept becoming terrible.

He could not crawl on the ground anymore and could just sit in one place the whole day until someone carried him away shortly after his bond started breaking and bending one by one as his mother and siblings watched.

It was so sad, but they could not do anything about it, and whenever he slept or even fell down, one of his bones always got broken.

He grew and now he is 11 years old.

His mother cannot carry him anymore because he keeps getting heavy, and now she says that they need a wheelchair because Kevin is gaining a lot of weight and cannot be carried anymore.

She goes to look for work every day while other children go to school, so Kevin is always locked up in this house every day, since they cannot carry him wherever they go and when they leave they give him a phone that his mother keeps calling to check on her son, and Kevin too calls his mother if he is not feeling well.

She says that Kevin’s brain works properly.

He also wishes to go to school, just like his siblings, but again he is so shy to talk to people, since he is not used to making a lot of friends because he’s always locked up in this house foreign.

Well, it has been a lot of years of Kevin being locked up in here.

They’re requesting for treatment and a wheelchair for Kevin, since his condition keeps getting worse, and these funds will be donated via Gofundme, a link that is always in the description of each and every video and painted the topmost comment by Afrimax English.

A great man once said that you haven’t lived until you do something for someone who can never repay you.

Thank you for watching.

My name is prince.

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