Persistent Cat Finally Gets Noticed After 2 Years of Effort – Witness His Dream Come True

This sad-looking cat named Shibby was living in a neglected home with over 40 other cats. But thanks to Ashley Anderson from Hearthside Cats in Geneseo, New York, he got a new chance at life.

Upon learning about the situation, Ashley collaborated with five other rescue organizations to ensure the safety and proper treatment of all the cats. She explained:

“We offered to take in the major medical and behavioral, and so Shibby came to us.”

photo of a sad looking cat

Credit: hearthsidecatsinc

Despite his neglect, Shibby yearned for love. He turned out to be a gentle and appreciative kitty, expressing his gratitude by rubbing against those who helped him. Ashley remarked:

“He’s been through so much and never lost an ounce of his sweet nature.”

Upon his arrival at Hearthside Cats, Shibby received immediate treatment for his mouth, facial wound, stomach issues, and eyes.

cat sitting in womans lap

Credit: hearthsidecatsinc

His sad appearance was due to microphthalmia, a condition where the eyes are underdeveloped and unusually small. Born with this condition, Shibby faced challenges but underwent surgeries to improve his quality of life.

One such surgery corrected the painful inward rolling of his eyelashes, and Shibby showed great improvement afterward.

cat sleeping on the bed

Credit: hearthsidecatsinc

Despite everything he has been through, Shibby remained a lovely kitty, and his true personality just kept blossoming.

He quickly transformed into a charming kitty with shiny, long fur. Ashley added:

“He is exceptionally sweet, loves snuggles and playtime, and isn’t fazed by the other cats, having come from a home with so many.”

Shibby craved attention and tried so hard to get people to notice him. Even during vet visits, he remained an affectionate kitty, expressing his joy by rubbing against everyone.

cat lying on the couch

Credit: hearthsidecatsinc

When he wasn’t demanding attention, he loved to zoom around and play like any other healthy cat. Ashley described him:

“He is goofy and playful, incredibly gentle and affectionate, and loves the company of people and other cats.”

However, Shibby tried so hard to get people to notice him because he just wanted a loving home of his own and a human to love and be loved by.

sad looking cat standing

Credit: hearthsidecatsinc

Witnessing many other cats and kittens find homes during his shelter stay, he held onto hope that his dream would come true too.

It was even more heartbreaking because he was the last remaining boy from the rescue. But as they say, good things come to those who wait, and the same was true for Shibby.

cat in the pet carrier

Credit: hearthsidecatsinc

After two years of waiting, Shibby finally found his forever humans in Julie and Greg, who instantly fell in love with him.

cat kissing her adopter

Credit: hearthsidecatsinc

Upon meeting them, he showered them with love and kisses, as if he knew they were meant for him. His dream of a home and family had finally come true. Ashley shared:

“This is the part of rescue that makes it all worthwhile. Our sweet boy has finally found a loving family of his very own – the kind of love and life we always hoped he would find.”

It would have been a shame if this furry charmer with such a winning personality had not found a home of his own. Fortunately, everyone has their perfect match, just like Shibby has Julie and Greg.

photo of a cat with her adopter

Credit: hearthsidecatsinc

What matters most is that he is now living the life he always dreamed of, and there’s no doubt he is thriving!

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