Military Marvel: Army Rescues Adorable Baby Elephant Stuck in Reservoir Tank

In a heartwarming incident in West Bengal, India, a playful baby elephant’s attempt to beat the heat took an unexpected turn when it got stuck in an army reservoir tank.

The young elephant, part of a herd crossing the army quarters in West Bengal, decided to cool off in the reservoir tank at the Bengdubi army quarters, located approximately 15 miles from Siliguri city.

However, the little pachyderm could not climb out of the tank after a joyful splash in the water.

Thankfully, vigilant soldiers from the 16 Field Ammunition Depot noticed the predicament and quickly came to the rescue.

The elephant squad from Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary also joined forces to assist in the rescue mission.

Acting promptly, the compassionate soldiers used a digger to open the tank’s wall, creating a safe and more comprehensive exit for the stranded baby elephant.

Soon after, the elephant effortlessly walked out of the reservoir tank, reuniting with its concerned herd in the wilderness.

This touching rescue operation highlights the dedicated efforts of army personnel and the wildlife sanctuary team to safeguard the region’s precious wildlife.

It is a powerful reminder of the importance of harmonizing with the diverse creatures that share our environment.


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