Meet the World’s Petite Mom: Unveiling the Journey of the Smallest Mother

You can’t believe that this is the mother of two children.

Yes, I kid you not.

She has three children and does not know they are fathers.

How is this even possible?

But before you judge her, listen carefully to her story.

This mother has met three different men who later abandon her after making her pregnant, and what strategies has she developed to overcome challenges she faces while raising her children alone?

Today we’re in Uganda, the pal of Africa, where visit this extraordinary woman, Florence, and she shares her unique Journey, the shelter, into an exceptional mother she is today.

Florence, also known as Babyface, is due to her small stature and face.

In looking at her, one can think she’s a young girl with 18 years, but she is a 35 year old woman with three beautiful children.

She never got married legally and both children after different fathers.

Due to having no partner to help me raise my children, life here is quite difficult.

I struggle with providing for them and the school fees, mostly because I’m physically challenged and when I walk around the neighborhood, some people always avoid getting closer to me.

It used to bother me, but I’m used to it.

I have accepted the fact that I was born and lived different, though I consider myself not to be different.

Florence was born with what looks like ostogenesis imperfecta, a genetic or irritable disease in which bone structure easily, often with no obvious cause or minimal injury.

My mother said I was born like this and struggled with breastfeeding during my first months, but it is said that my mother was never happy after producing me due to this condition, because it brought her a lot of troubles, starting from being abandoned by her husband and family shortly after my delivery, which left her homeless, until she married another husband.

While we grew up from, she lived a normal, poor African Life as a young child, and when her mother died, both children took different ways, and that was the beginning of a difficult life where she never ever got a chance to education but started finding ways to fend for herself.

I started working as a housemate, hoping to make it, but my life condition never allowed me to continue, as doing many activities Wicked my body even more.

But I persisted and later joined a group of singers named mozirakisa group.

When it was my turn to sing, they all laughed at me, which really annoyed me, but that never discouraged me.

She was grown up and started developing interest and shot his shot and proposed her.

They both love each other and wish to continue their lives together until when the man impregnated her.

When my husband knew I was pregnant, I thought it was good news for both of us, but I was totally wrong, as the husband just to abandon me and left me pregnant.

I was left disappointed and fast, the daunting task of being both a father and mother.

Things got even more complicated and the group one I used to sing came for me and offered me support, and we could do a lot of rehearsals, then have many concerts which helped me to relieve my stress and all under living life got a little bit better, but a man came and wrecked her, hence leaving her pregnant for the second time.

It was at night and she never saw the man clearly and up to now she doesn’t know the father of her second child.

And the same scenario happened again after Aya, and that’s how she ended up producing three children with three different fathers whom she doesn’t know.

A man sneaked into the house where I was and forced me to sleep with him.

I had no husband and had spent a long time without meeting any man, so, to be honest, I also wanted it.

That’s why I never screamed for help, but let the man do his things.

I would say I also enjoy it, though he left me pregnant today.

She’s a mother of three.


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