Meet the Fiercest Shelter Cat: She’s on a Mission to Capture True Cat Lovers’ Hearts

A shelter cat with the most attitude tries to get true cat lovers to notice, “It’s her world, and we are living in it.”

fluffy cat belly shelter

Nelly the catExploitsValley SPCA

Nelly, a beautiful dark brown tabby, came to Exploits Valley SPCA nearly eight months ago, looking for a better life. At seven years old, Nelly quickly made her mark at the shelter as the “resident bulldog kitty.”

“She is the resident with the most cattitude. She is looking for a true cat person. Some cats behave more like dogs, and they are extremely friendly, happy to see you, lovable and loyal. These are cats anyone can own and love,” the SPCA shared.

Nelly loves a person on her terms. “It’s her world, and we are living in it.”

shelter cat waiting

ExploitsValley SPCA

When Nelly wants attention, she props herself against the door of her condo, peering out the window until someone attends to her. Once staff comes in, she rubs against the door, their legs, or anything nearby, purring in satisfaction.

“She loves attention but is in control of when she’s had enough, then she might give you a whack to stop or a love bite.”

shelter cat waiting

Nelly is at the door, waiting to be servedExploitsValley SPCA

Nelly has perfected numerous ways of getting people to notice her. Besides standing by the door, gazing into the souls of the staff and visitors, she sometimes pops up on her hind paws like a meerkat, ready to be served.

With her large frame, she looks the size of a small dog, taller than all the resident cats.

shelter cat meerkat

Nelly stands on her hind paws demanding attentionExploitsValley SPCA

“She’s actually a mammoth in size, by far the biggest female cat we’ve had in the shelter. She’s very tall and thick, like a tiger cub.”

When Nelly isn’t in the mood for pets, she unapologetically denies access to her fluffy coat with a swat and a yowl.

tabby cat rubs door

ExploitsValley SPCA

“She has staff and volunteers that she likes and others she could do without. She looks at you like a loyal servant or a food machine. True cat lovers don’t take offense.”

Despite her sass and attitude, Nelly has a sweet and charming side that she displays whenever she finds fit. She rolls on the floor and tucks her paws adorably against her chest, revealing her belly, although she doesn’t want it touched.

tabby cat belly fluffy

She likes to roll on her back, exposing her fluffy bellyExploitsValley SPCA

She has asserted herself as the boss of her room, and the other resident cats appease her demand for space.

“She has gotten used to the cats in her room, although she would rather live alone. Nelly is a cat who will come into your house, take it over, and love you on her own terms.”

tabby cat fluffy belly

ExploitsValley SPCA

After over half a year with little interest, the shelter called out all true cat lovers who aren’t afraid of embracing cattitude. Nelly donned a pink tie, hoping it would catch some eyeballs and, perhaps, win some hearts over.

Joan, who isn’t able to adopt, admires Nelly’s personality and fierce attitude and has paid for her adoption fee.

tabby cat pink tie

Nelly put on a pink tie, hoping to melt some heartsExploitsValley SPCA

They are keeping their eyes peeled for the perfect match. “Nelly deserves a home of her own. She would be much happier in a home with people to love her, occasional grumpiness and all.”

tabby cat fluffy belly

Nelly and her “trap”ExploitsValley SPCA

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