Justin Bieber onfirms that she is ‘shaking hands’ with Billie Eilish: The ‘dream’ collaboration has officially come true

What would it be like for a pop star to team up with a “depressed” music star?

Recently, fans of Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber were in an uproar over Billie’s sharing about a collaboration product of theirs. Specifically, in a recent interview, when asked about the things that influenced her music, Billie shared: ” My music is inspired by the music that my parents often give me.” Listen, those are genres like Jazz, Blue and even legends like The Beatles and Kurt Vile. Oh, and Justin Bieber, a brother I’m collaborating with on a few upcoming projects.”

jb1A surprising “handshake” between two famous names.

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The information after being revealed by her made the fan community really excited, they made a series of hypotheses about this “unthinkable” collaboration : “How will they sing together? , I mean their music styles are so different, this is definitely a masterpiece, is Justin going to sing “depression” music? Haha it suits him because he also suffered from that disease…

Justin Bieber, after announcing to stop singing to “cure depression”, decided to return to the music race with the opening product of the song Earth (ft Lil Dicky and many other artists) . In addition, a few days ago, he also informed fans about a collaboration product with Ed Sheeran that will be “shipped” next week.

jb2Justin Bieber officially returns to the music race.

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As for Billie Eilish , she is currently an extremely potential name in the European and American music market with a series of great achievements obtained with her debut album titled When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go ? released on March 29, with 13 songs such as Bury A Friend, You Should See Me In A Crown, Listen Before I Go, Goodbye, I Love You,. .. helped her immediately get No.1 on Billboard 200, becoming the first female singer born after 2000 to do this.

be1Billie Eilish is currently a bright star in Hollywood.


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