Jennifer Lopez COMES FORWARD That Diddy BEAT HER Just Like Cassie and Had FR3AK0FFS With Celebrities

Usher, 45, was making his way through the crowd when he spotted Doja Cat, 28, according to that circulated on X (formerly known as Twitter). He serenaded her with his 2010 hit “There Goes My Baby,” and she stood up to join him in singing.

“Doja Cat, ladies and gentlemen,” he announced to the audience after the pair shared the sweet moment.

He even tweaked the song’s lyrics slightly to reflect Doja’s outfit — a black latex minidress and stilettos — as he crooned, “Bet you ain’t know that I was checking you out when you was putting your stilettos on,” instead of the usual “heels” lyric.

Usher later gave that same love to Alba. As he made his way over to the actress, she blushed and laughed, and he grabbed her hands and gave her a twirl as he began his serenade to the same song, according to a posted on TikTok.

“You’re looking so nice tonight, Jessica,” Usher said before he exclaimed, “Oh!” as Alba, 42, began to body roll to the song.

The two kept their hands interlaced as they rocked out to the song, and Usher let the audience take over for part of the chorus.

Usher’s residency has had its fair share of A-listers in the audience since he returned to the Vegas stage in February — as well as during his prior run in the city from July to October 2022.

Last month, he serenaded — who was in the audience with her husband, — for one of Usher’s Paris shows, before as he said, “Let’s not get carried away. This is Dwyane Wade, I ain’t crazy.”

He then shook the former NBA player’s hand and said, “That man will knock my whole head off and then dunk it.”

In April, lovebirds and at one of Usher’s shows. The actress shared a video on her Instagram Story at the time, showing her and her beau enjoying the performance as they sang along to his 2004 hit “Confessions Part II.”

“When I tell you we barely had a voice by the end of this,” Zendaya, 27, captioned the video. “Childhood dreams come true, going to an @usher concert.”

also made headlines last year when her lavish due to dangerous weather conditions, but she was in April.

The 2024 gave Kardashian, 43, a special shout-out at the show as he acknowledged how long she had been waiting to see it.

He interrupted “Superstar” to say to her, “What up, Kim? You made it.”

, Usher’s longtime friend and the muse for his 1997 “Nice & Slow” music video, also made an appearance at a show in May, and the two . Kardashian also was in attendance at that show, along with her sister

and have also paid a visit to the eight-time Grammy winner’s shows and received their own special serenades. Usher , while he her 52nd birthday.

Usher said his 90-minute residency gigs are . “I really wanted to give women something to look forward to, something to come here to Las Vegas with their friends for,” he told ahead of starting the most recent leg of shows. “They’ve been saving up all year and were able to manage to get away from their kids or get away from their problems.”

He continued, “No really! They come out and really enjoy themselves for the entire weekend. They want to be able to really get away and have an experience.”

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