It’s okay to love, it’s okay to hate because nothing can stop Taylor Swift from being queen

After a lot of teasing before the launch of the first single from her 6th album, Taylor Swift – or as she is affectionately known at this time as Taylor Snake – has finally appeared. All traces of Miss Swift’s blonde hair, beautiful face and elegant lady on social networks were completely erased, making room for a new Snake full of steel, thorns and true danger, a The real Miss Swift!

Taylor Swift: Ai yêu cũng được, ghét cũng chả sao, vì chẳng gì cản nổi chị làm nữ hoàng! - Ảnh 2.

Look what you made me do” – “Look what you made me do” is the name of Taylor’s recently released single. Strange, and also happy for Tom Hiddleston! Luckily he didn’t was summoned in the new song like the tradition that Ms. Snake has done throughout her previous albums and collected a whole basket of USD from fans and anti-fans (because anti-fans also have to download her music to have documents to use). but trade with each other). KimYe and her husband and dozens of Taylor’s enemies are her main goals in this return full of blood and tears.

Our good-natured Taylor is completely different, because simply, she is now dead. Those were fierce, sharp words for all the enemies who had attacked her in the past, in the present, and by the way, they also insulted the children who were still rejoicing in their success. #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty campaign. Never rest on victory with Taylor, because the lady born in the year of the Snake knows how to turn the tables, as well as collect money and create power from that seemingly cornered position.

Snakes in Gia Lam can be used to make sausages, but snakes in the West, or more terrifying, Central African snakes like the image that Taylor chose to embody in this comeback, are always a terrible nightmare for everyone. species on earth.

Even more amazing, in this recent comeback, it wasn’t just Taylor’s die-hard fans from the time she was strumming the guitar and singing country music in 2006 that screamed, but also dozens of other fans. The person who seemed to hate Taylor to the core, today suddenly worshiped Snake like a goddess. Of course, no one likes a cheater, just being honest makes people extremely happy. Showbiz already has too many princesses and fairies, so we bad guys need a real witch. Taylor listened, understood and immediately attracted this fan base that is still wandering outside of control.

So we see, our Snake Girl is not a tall, blonde-haired girl who simply begs for the past, sobbing and crying in unfinished love affairs while still calmly swiping her credit card. music lover. She is truly dangerous, and a true queen in many ways. From the moment she first stepped into showbiz, until  winning the title of Pop Princess, Queen Bee of young stars and finally now: A true queen who has gone through pain to grow up and be thorny .

First appearing in 2006 with the country music song Our Song, inspired by her own emotional experiences in high school, the name Taylor Swift quickly rose to prominence when the song won the top spot. 1 on the US country music charts, as well as number 5 on all charts. Obviously, at a time when every singer is racing to rebel, pursuing loud, booming music, the guitar sound and gentle voice of the blonde singer are like a delicious, exotic dish, while Taylor immediately creates a special impression on the majority of music listeners, from her sparkling appearance to her pure private life. Does a princess as fragile as a drop of morning dew appear among a group of busty girls and sexy spider monsters that make you pay attention? Yes of course. It’s always strong.

Taylor herself portrays for herself the typical image of every young girl’s dream in America: Coming from an unremarkable background, even being bullied in class, then taking advantage of her talent. affirming her own value, becoming a beautiful, successful girl with status and power in life, falling in love with a bunch of other handsome guys to go through all the ups and downs and then making a lot of money from it. there. Perhaps that’s why Taylor’s fan base is not small, even too large. Everyone wants to be able to “from zero to hero” like Taylor.

Another special thing about Taylor is that she skillfully uses the advantages in her life to build an image of “Dream Princess”. In Taylor, you can meet the typical personality traits of a lovely girl that everyone wants to hit you with: Blond hair, loves vintage style, has cats, likes baking and dozens of meticulous things like that. girlfriend… An image that is too close to any young girl in America. Bluntly turning her back on what is called sexy and rebellious, Taylor keeps building this “good girl” image well enough to win her a bunch of fans.

Taylor’s image is both close and shimmering out of reach like a dream. Perhaps she is so adorable that everyone wants to be around her, and she uses that gift very skillfully. Go into the kitchen and bake with Karlie Kloss and become close friends with the supermodel? Cruise along Venice with your super-matched boyfriend Calvin Harris, best friend Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas? Invite Cara Delevingne and dozens of other famous models to a huge villa to relax, swim around and wear clothes according to the American Independence Day theme? Taylor became close friends with a series of Hollywood’s hottest girls today and quickly realized the attraction that came from her own group of close friends. People are crazy about them and want to update information and pictures about them almost constantly. What does Taylor need to do now? Simply uploading a few photos of pajama parties and baking cakes, playing with cats with Karlie, Haim or Jamie King is enough for people to rush in and watch and fall in love.

Taylor Swift’s close friends – The sparkling aura that everyone is extremely curious and interested in.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Taylor is truly a Queen Bee in Hollywood. Talented, has plenty of money, and has powerful friends around him.

Mentioning Taylor Swift means mentioning hits about her ex-lover, referring to the long list of Hollywood’s hottest guys who fell in love with her and were unlucky enough to be dragged out and tormented by her in the song. People mention it with a frown, but Taylor makes a lot of money from her own songs.

Maturity along with popularity and success gradually changed the love taste of this innocent and saintly lady. Saying goodbye to the anonymous guys in high school, Taylor started to like famous guys in the entertainment industry. However, if you love like a normal person, if you love like a normal person, you will be broken. If you love a famous person, the possibility of being broken is even higher. Taylor’s love life continued to twist and turn and the results were not very pleasant.

The beginning of Taylor’s series of beautiful but ending love stories must be Joe Jonas, the eldest brother, also the leader of the once famous Jonas Brothers. Unfortunately, now the three Jonas brothers are each on their own, one is solo, the other is forming a new band, and he has disappeared without a trace. The 3-month love affair ended with a phone call that lasted only 27 seconds, quickly earning Taylor 5 songs that relieve sadness: Last Kiss, Forever and Always, You’re not Sorry, Better than Revenge and Holy Ground.

Also from this love affair, the country music princess suddenly realized that breaking up with her lover is actually not the end of the world, because thanks to it, you will earn hundreds of millions of dollars. Joe Jonas is also the name that started Taylor’s tradition of using music to defame her ex-boyfriend to make money from people.

No matter how hard it is, by now Taylor has a collection almost the size of a football team of famous handsome men. After 10 years of dating, 8 guys took turns passing through Taylor Swift’s life and left many musical notes, as well as dollars, for the blonde singer. Whatever you say, if you break up like Taylor, then I’m sorry, let me break up with you.

Besides, not all of Taylor’s breakups have been peaceful, especially her recent relationship with Calvin Harris. When he and she had only been separated for less than a week, she suddenly fell head over heels, holding hands with the British gentleman Tom Hiddleston, leaving him heartbroken and his last respects in disarray. falling together. The simple and lovely country music princess who used to play the guitar and dream about the love story of Our Song has now evolved into a crazy, jealous woman in Blank Space. Taylor is the same. She doesn’t understand how to be in love, but even Miley Cyrus, who is a bad girl, has to laugh at her loyalty.

There was a time when people were more interested in which guy Taylor would put on the chopping block next than which of her songs was interesting. Grasping people’s curiosity, she carelessly… flirts continuously in her songs and clips to make people more curious. Want to hear what she has to say about Harry Styles? Listen to I know you were trouble, and by the way, check out the Out of the woods clip to see some souvenir paper airplane necklaces between the two! And don’t forget that she’s singing about a guy with a “white T-shirt, dreamy James Dean eyes” in Style! But feeling that it wasn’t enough, she went up to the Grammy stage and imitated Harry’s thick British accent in a grand performance just to say that she was fine and was busy receiving the Grammy award, that’s it!

Taylor’s unique and interesting personality has given her natural charisma and never-ending curiosity from the media. Every time Taylor hinted, flirted, and went on a date, thousands of newspapers would immediately follow and her record sales would skyrocket and her name would spread everywhere. And while it’s true that writing a song about her ex started out as an extremely innocent and lovely act, for Taylor, it was even more wonderful to both release her emotions and record them. about a lot of money.

And at this point, when the old cheesy Taylor has died and the new Viper Taylor has been born with strong words, the love story should take a break for a bit. At this time, people still have to fight and scratch their foreheads, so how can they be inspired to fall in love?

Suppose one day Taylor Swift is no longer interested in the artistic path, please open a training class “How to make good money like Taylor Swift”. For this interesting girl, there is nothing that cannot make money, even if it is her own mistakes and stumbles.

Let’s talk about the Bad Blood MV, that’s when Taylor decided to be the one to start the war between her and Katy Perry. Gathering so many of Victoria’s Secret’s most beautiful models, along with a blockbuster filming scale, many people will wonder here: “It’s just a rock song, does it have to be epic?” show off like that?”. But Ms. Snake does not think in such a single-stream way.

Right after releasing the MV, Taylor proved to everyone who questioned this project of Ms. Snake that she is not a simple person, despite her blonde hair. 4 awards, including 1 “Video of the Year” award within the framework of the 2015 VMA Awards and 1 Grammy Award for Best Music Video are enough to quell all outsiders’ opinions on Taylor’s decisions. calculated.

Or let’s talk about the war between the country music princess and the chaotic Kanye-Kim K couple. There was a time when people thought Taylor was submerged after the scandal with the Kardashian – Wests family. Already gradually being known as a “poisonous snake” and “two-faced” in Hollywood, the appearance of the tape recording the conversation between Taylor and Kanye has truly created a bomb on social networks. The two most skilled heads in controlling the media are Taylor and Kim K facing off. Of course, Kim K. had too much free time and had the genius to record the entire conversation. Right in the middle of Taylor’s turmoil after her breakup with Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris, the tape appeared as evidence of the blonde princess’s lies and two-facedness, officially throwing away her innocent image. , the sweetness that Taylor has been building for so long when her Instagram is filled with images of sinister snakes.

For Taylor, it may have been a shock, a step back, but she also saw it as an opportunity to introduce to the world a part of her true self.

In Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor took the image of a snake that Kim and her anti-fans gave her as her mascot, haughtily and proudly in the right way: Okay, if you If you like, I’ll show you how I make a snake. She boldly showed the world that the old Taylor Swift is dead! And now standing before you is a new, mature, traumatized, mean and bitchy Taylor in an extremely smart and dignified way. In the vast and complex world of fans, the most important thing is that you must find a clear statement of who you are. And after rotating with the image of a princess, the girl next door, a high school queen bee, etc., Taylor suddenly turned to the image that the “mean” crowd was waiting for: A grumpy queen!

Taylor Swift: Ai yêu cũng được, ghét cũng chả sao, vì chẳng gì cản nổi chị làm nữ hoàng! - Ảnh 12.

From the first shock when Kanye walked onto the VMAs stage and snatched the trophy from Taylor’s hand just to declare: I think Beyonce deserves it more…

Taylor Swift: Ai yêu cũng được, ghét cũng chả sao, vì chẳng gì cản nổi chị làm nữ hoàng! - Ảnh 13.

… not long after, people saw them getting along like never before! (Of course, the media did not ignore this new friendship for days).

Taylor Swift: Ai yêu cũng được, ghét cũng chả sao, vì chẳng gì cản nổi chị làm nữ hoàng! - Ảnh 14.

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