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The image of a boy holding a cardboard model of a stadium has been circulating on social networks and football news sites since 2020. This is the story of Jorkiam Samba Mampuya, also known as Djodjo, a teenage boy with dreams of becoming one of the most famous architects in the world.

Djodjo from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, has wowed social media with his talent by building miniature football stadium models from around the world and from his home country.

The teenager hopes to one day join the ranks of the best architects on the planet.

Djodjo’s works include iconic stadiums from the Santiago Bernabéu, Camp Nou to the Tata Raphael stadium in Kinshasa.

Djodjo had fun making his own miniature football stadiums using cardboard, magazine paper, glue and paint. Despite using simple materials, Djodjo was able to recreate these structures in great detail.

The boy confessed that he does not like football but likes to build stadiums related to this sport.

The work that made the boy famous was a model of the Martyrs Stadium in the Congolese capital. “I started with small stadiums, until I reached this scale,” Djodjo said in an interview.

“I spend a lot of time making stadium models and less time playing soccer. I don’t like football, but I like making stadium models ,” admitted Djodjo, the eldest brother in a family of five brothers.

Djodjo said the boy spends a lot of time perfecting his technique.
Djodjo wants people to remember him by saying: “This is the Congolese who did great things.”

Despite the difficult reality, living in one of the countries with the lowest Human Development Index (HDI), Djodjo hopes to one day become one of the world’s famous architects.

“I want the world to know me and be considered one of the famous architects of this world… the Congolese who created great works,” Djodjo did not hesitate to express his dream . your wish.


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