Heartwarming Act: Boy Without Legs Buys House for Mother, Inspires Millions

Foreign, foreign, foreign, once they come.

He’s so happy.

She almost believes that this is a dream.

After all the pain and struggling that she had been through, she never thought that people would actually help her and solve all the worries that she was going through in the society they lived in.

Everyone said that giving birth to a child like this was totally her fault, because she might have been doing some things like smoking while she was pregnant.

This might have been the reason to why she gave birth to such a disabled child.

They were poor and she could not afford school fees.

For Christian, this money was donated after their story had been told to the world.

They were so happy to receive this money.

But since they had good help, they said that what they wanted was a house, because someone had actually decided to take care of Christian’s education.

Three thousand dollars was not enough to buy for them a house.

They were about to be sent out of the one they lived in because it was rental and they couldn’t afford to pay for rent each and every month.

Since she did not have a job to work for this money, this was one of their biggest worry.

But today things totally changed and this is the update today.

They got a house.

It’s not just a house, but a complete one, with everything they need inside, like sofas, a television set and most of the house necessities.

Upon seeing this, the first thing that she did was to kneel down and thank the Lord, because it was unbelievable.

Amen, she says that when a few maxvis did her for the first time because she had a child that was born different, she thought that all these people wanted was wanted to upload.

She never thought that in one moment that she would get anything similar to this time, because all the people that called her child across have been proved that the young boy Christian is nothing but a blessing.

They do not call him the names that they used to call him in the first place or even blame his mother for his condition.

This totally put their life to a better level.

This is their story from the very beginning, where it all started, when we visited them for the very first time.

This was Christian and his mother about a year ago.

He was seven years old and they were living in a very poor life.

She says that when she got pregnant, everything was fine.

She took everything to be okay and no more.

Until time for giving birth came, she had to go to the hospital, and this is when she was shocked when she saw him.

She had to go through an operation because they could hardly pull out a baby like this.

When she gave birth, she immediately fell into coma and woke up a lot of days after, with expectations of seeing the child that she had given birth to.

The baby had three fingers.

On one hand, he did not have the lower part of the body.

She said no and could hardly believe what was happening.

She thought that it was a joke, but later she realized that it was serious.

She carried the baby home and started taking care of each normally, but when everyone saw this baby, they obviously blamed her that her child had turned out like this.

They kept asking what she was doing while she was pregnant.

That made her baby turn out to be disabled.

Living with and taking care of such a child was not easy at all.

Everyone she knew kept advising her


And they kept giving her bad decisions- a child with no legs.

This required a lot of patience from her upon seeing her son playing with other children, but he was totally different from them.

Christian was growing up, but he did not notice that he was disabled in the first place because he was too young.

He played with other children around until one day that one of his friends told him that he does not have legs.

He was hot and he immediately ran to his mother to ask if what they had said about him was true.

Unfortunately, it was.

He was told that it was totally okay to be different from others, and it is what made him special.

He hardly believed it, but it helped him grow.

This was about last year and he was seven years old.

He was getting used to the way he was born.

His mother always looked for ways to make his son’s life easier, like making these clothes that added a soft, comfortable bottom for him to try and move without being hurt by the Stones on the ground.

They were poor and they could hardly manage to take him to school because he was supposed to go to an institution of the disabled, which was quite, very far from where they lived.

Oh yes, it was very expensive too, and they could never afford it, and this is how we ended up dropping out of school.

He started living with his mother at home each and every day.

He was always helping his mother with housework and the little things that he could manage to do, since the house they lived in was rental.

She couldn’t find a job to pay for it, since she had to stay home each and every day to take care of this child.

When they were visited by aftermarks and their story was told to the world.

As a mother, she says that their lives immediately changed from the moment that this story was published.

They got help more than they ever imagined.

A few days later, someone came looking for this family.

He finally found them and decided to take care of everything concerning Christian’s education.

He also decided to provide some of the basic needs that he needed as a child.

This was very good news: that he was going to go to school again.

This was not all, because a medical doctor also traveled from the city to this remote Village just to help Christian medically foreign.

She was also happy and also prayed for this, but she totally had no idea about what was going to happen next.

While this was happening, a lot of people were donating money to this family.

It was handed to her, and she was so surprised and happy at the same time.

Since his education was already settled, all that she wanted now was a place to live with her son.

She hoped to buy a house, but this money was not quite enough foreign.

Helping this family, our free Max, we also decided to contribute to this struggle and today, boom, this is their house.

She got a house that she never thought that was even possible.

She never thought that she would ever get her own place in a lot of years to come.

Today, everything that she never hoped for actually happened.

She thanked the Lord for this and it was a very big change in her life.

She got a house with all the basic requirements inside.

She says that she never lived in such a big house before and she had never been in one with electricity- and this is her first.

She also bought a television set and some of the things that she had never had in the first place.

She really thanks each and everyone that contributed to this change, because it really means a lot to them and it is more than they ever asked for.


Most times we do not have ideas of how and when our problems in our lives are going to end, but surely they come to one end in one way or another.

It might take some time in most cases, but it surely does.

Thank you for watching.

My name is Prince.

This is afromax English.

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