Groundbreaking Love: Wife’s Devotion to Man Unable to Stand Rocks the World

He lives with disability.

He was bullied by his father telling him that he is useless, but God blessed him with a wife who never gave up on him.

No matter what different criticism by the society telling the wife that he married the wrong guy.

Meet a couple with a love story that shocked the world.

We are all the same on the inside.

No matter what we may look like outside, we are all the same.

If we are to be opened up, we need to start embracing our differences on the outside and seeing each other as equals for who we are.

I live with disability.

My legs don’t function.

Making movement for me is difficult.

People say i crawl like an amphibian.

This one besides me is my wife.

Life here is not easy for people like us who are unemployed and yet we are disabled.

Getting what provide for the family is a problem, but God makes away what seems to be no way.

According to what my parents told me for me, i think i was born with a disability because i grew up crawling like the way i do.

But my mother says i was not born this way, rather that it’s polio.

I got from some injections i had when i was too young.

The mother told me that i once suffered the neck.

They had no money but just took me to the hospital and maybe because they never paid doctors, injected me carelessly.

Those injections caused me to suffer poorly.

Mom said that i died.

Later came back to life.

She said i resurrected with one part of the body and the other died.

That happened when i had two to three years- the stage where child is trying to stand and walk, because before that i could try stand, but after coming from the hospital i had infantile paralysis.

That’s what happened.

All because of poor injection saved my mother.

I grew up older, finding myself this way.

When i was young i never knew that i could need these to protect my knees.

My knees would always scratch themselves on the ground and i was full of scars.

When i grew i figured out the way to protect them and changed the way i worked.

Just my childhood, having fun and playing with friends was always a problem.

I would not enjoy playing with other kids to the fullest because they had legs.

They could jump, run here and there, play football and enjoy.

But for me, as long as i had no legs, sometimes i’ll just watch them play be a fan.

Yeah, Deep inside i feel like why i’m not able to join them.

During my childhood i had no self-acceptance.

I worried so much about myself until when i came in this city and got married to this beautiful wife besides me, i realized everything is possible.

At my young age i doubted myself, wondered what i seen to God so that he would give me such a punishment, and my mother always comforted me telling that this is how i was born.

There is nothing i can change about it, only God to guide me through this life.

I grew up in a village.

I had never met anyone disabled.

I thought i’m the only disabled guy in the world.

That’s why i always asked God the reason why he forsaken me.

But when i left my parents and started hustling so as to become a man in so doing i went on meeting other disabled people.

My own father had always bullied me.

Whenever he could find me at home, he would blame me for not doing different activities, including fetching, cooking and so on.

Yet by that time i could not manage.

He publicly told me that i’m useless.

They would blame me in leaving me in one place and finding me in the same place again, and he would always quarrel with my mom.

My father never liked me ever since i was born because of how i was born.

This made him divorce with my mom.

Every time that came from the job and phoned me home, it always brought some conflict that would make them quarrel the whole night.

Dad abandoned me right after i became disabled.

No one, not even a single soul, was proud to be my my side and i was never given respect in the society.

That made my face to be always distorted with rage.

Dad persecuted mom and she had no option other than divorcing.

Dad was never happy seeing me around.

He always criticized my mom for producing me as if he did not take part in it.

He would always fight with my mom just because of me.

My dad would beat me for no reason.

My dad favored my young brother so much and he appreciated him that he would always give him praise for doing things i can’t manage.

Yet i had no legs.

One of the challenges i faced due to my disability was the day bees came to us and other people quickly ran away and bees tongued me the whole face.

As long as i did not manage to run as they did that day, i nearly died.

Only that one guy came with fumes and smokes and saved me.

Due to the mistreatment i got, i decided to go away from home.

I told mom that whatever happened- if it’s die, i will die, but if it’s to leave, i will leave.

I won’t stay with you forever, so i left that way.

Time came when i grew and i could see there are things i could not manage, like washing my clothes, fishing water and doing other activities.

I thought of it and the solution was my god-given, beautiful wife, though it wasn’t easy.

I never thought one can accept my proposal, but she didn’t.

He sent me a messenger when i had the team.

I did not just welcome him instantly.

I compared my life to living alone and compared it with living with him.

I could not see any impact.

I knew he would profit more than i would, as long as there is nothing he can do.

I asked myself: where am i coming from and where am i heading to?

I could wonder if there is something we as a family can achieve together.

I worried about how going with him would look like as a couple, but later i changed my mind and said why not?

I looked at other disabled people and realized it’s possible to live with him, and we ended up living together, but none of my friends welcomed the idea of falling in love with this husband of mine.

All they did was asking whether i’m blind, whether i’m not out of my mind.

They said: how dare you live with someone who crawls like a snake?

Are you not devaluating yourself?

And some of them have never came to visit me?

And ever since we are not friends anymore, we lived together when we had almost nothing and people would make fun of us.

I was discouraged by everyone.

People were arguing for me to live along this poor man and find someone else.

I fought the battle of those against my marriage.

What i did was not practice, no sense.

They told me i knew this one was the perfect partner, despite his disabilities.

But even now people come close to me and asked how i agree to be his wife.

But God’s plan are beyond our thinking capabilities.

I have met different people, but this one is the right one, though we don’t have a lot of money, though don’t have a lot of possessions, though we live in extreme poverty.

But the greatest of all is that we love each other.

I will travel a thousand miles just to be with him and i will do anything for him.

Most of my friends abandoned me because i got married to this husband, but no matter what circumstances, i will never give up on my husband.

Our first born dropped out of school because we had no way of paying him score fees.

The sad story is how intelligent he is in class and in real life, but it’s a pity he is not schooling.

We don’t have any way of solving that right now.

I’m unemployed, but if i could get enough capital i would start a small business that would help me earn a living, hence being able to provide all the necessities of a family, including taking back my children to school, and so on.


Most people wonder how we make love, yet i’m disabled.

It’s okay.

We make love, though my legs are disabled, my whole body functions well and my organ has no problem.

We have three children so far, so you understand everything is all good.

The right of a man should be the same right of veneman.

Nobody should be treated different than another person, no matter what the situation is.

We are all humans and we should all get the same treatment.

Thank you for watching.

This is Afrimax English

And i’m Elijah you.

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