Generous Donors Transform Injured Two-Faced Cat into Stunning Beauty

We don’t know for sure, but one thing is certain: this two-faced kitty is the cutest little bug!

Phoebe the kitten was found in a box all alone in North Philadelphia, with a serious wound on her hind leg.

Fortunately, good people soon came to her rescue.

They saw she was in a terrible state and rushed her to the ACCT Philly shelter where Erica works as a veterinary technician in the surgery department.

Her little paw was covered in crust and pus and it was thought the wound was probably there even before she was born!

We Love Cats and Kittens spoke to Erica:
“This appears to be a strangulation wound, often started in the womb by the umbilical cord wrapped around a limb,” she explained.

“We removed the crust which revealed very healthy tissue, and signs of good circulation in the toes.”

After Phoebe’s wound was cleaned and she got her meds, it was obvious that she couldn’t stay alone in the shelter in such a fragile state.

There was still the risk of losing her hind paw, so she needed a foster home and someone to keep a close eye on her.

That’s when Erica, herself a cat sitter and kitten rescuer, stepped in. She decided to take the little one under her wing.

“I had no intention of bringing home a kitten that day. I believe there was a little bit of fate at play,” she recalls.

Now in a warm place, with lots of soft blankets and new exciting toys, Phoebe started to thrive and was soon asking Erica for attention.

She would cry for foster mom’s attention every time she came to care for her and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Despite her injured leg, nothing appeared to deter her from moving about and exploring her surroundings.

This little kitten was eating well and gaining weight every day, a sure sign that she was on the mend.

Soon her injured paw began to heal and grow new fur.

After a couple of weeks, Phoebe had almost made a full recovery.

Her paw is still a bit twisted, which may cause issues later in life. But right now she climbs and runs around like a pro!

“She absolutely loves playing, and every day when I get home she gets the zoomies and is ready to play!” shared Erica with We Love Cats and Kittens.

Although Phoebe may be small, her willpower and determination more than compensate for her lack of size.

Erica has two seasoned aides in taking care of Phoebe: her adult male cats, Sloane and Forest, who are delighted to lend a paw!

Forest take his role as foster carer very seriously and has always been gentle with teeny tiny kittens, so he welcomed his new sister with open paws.

And Phoebe loves having a big brother to snuggle with!

Sloane is always very patient with his little sis and is happy to clean and babysit her. He doesn’t even mind sharing his favorite toys!

“Sloane has the patience of a saint and he lets Phoebe chomp on his ears and climb all over him. He’s at a disadvantage because he doesn’t have any teeth!”

Phoebe tends to think that every toy is hers and hers alone, fortunately her big brothers don’t seem to mind!

Life is sweet for this gorgeous little kitten, with all the care and attention she gets she becoming a real character.

And the way she zooms around you would never know that she started life with a terrible wound.

“The wound has totally healed and the swelling went down,” explains Erica.

“She might be left with a permanent scar that won’t grow hair, but we’ll see. Her gait isn’t completely normal but it does NOT slow her down! She runs and jumps and climbs like nothing is holding her back.”

Phoebe was once injured, homeless and lonely.

Now, she has a foster mom, 2 furry brothers and tons of toys beyond her wildest dreams!

Watch the video below to see Phoebe in action:

A big thank you to Erica for sharing Phoebe’s story with us.

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