From Wallflower to Heart Stealer: The Transformation of a Rescued Kitten

A kitten who was found on a concrete wall, made a complete turnaround and won the heart of the person who took him in.

Little Wanderers NYC was contacted about a kitten spotted on a concrete wall in the Bronx (New York). He was in very rough shape, meowing for help. Volunteers of the rescue raced to save him and rushed him to the vet.

“We named him Clayton (as he was found on Clay Avenue). The veterinary staff immediately admitted him to stabilize his temperature which was dangerously low,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

The kitten was estimated to be eight months old, very underweight, and had a severe upper respiratory infection. Despite being very frail, he was eager for attention and tried to lift his head for pets.

“Clayton had hypothermia, a horrendous upper respiratory infection and ulcers on his tongue. He was on the brink of death but brought back to life within hours of rescue.”

With critical care to treat his anemia, pneumonia, and a host of other health issues, Clayton was able to open his eyes and breathe a lot better. He was put on heat support to help him regulate his body temperature.

“This kitten was so sweet that he purred when medical staff just looked at him,” Little Wanderers NYC shared. “Our collective guess is that he was outside for three weeks or more based on his condition. He is a true friendly cat so we don’t understand why not one soul stepped up.”

The biggest challenge was to get him to eat due to his many ulcers and esophagitis.

“A feeding tube would get him over the hump and provide nutrition to boost his immune system while letting his upper digestive tract heal,” Little Wanderers NYC added.

“He played and purred through everything. He was the sweetest boy ever.”

When Clayton was well enough to be discharged, he came home with Rebeccah L, a volunteer of Little Wanderers NYC. The sweet kitty snuggled right up to his foster mom and couldn’t get enough of affection.

Watch Clayton and his journey in this video:

“He was more active, brighter and verbal. His purrs were so loud, almost with gratitude,” the rescue shared.

He enjoyed sharing a bed with his foster momLittle Wanderers NYC

After days of painstaking care, the kitten was finally showing interest in food and starting to eat like a champ. Everyone from the rescue was beside themselves with glee. “He was eating 2.5 cans per day and he almost forgot he was sick.”

After being nursed back to health by his amazing foster mom, Clayton made an incredible recovery.

Not only did he thrive against all odds, but also he crept his way into the hearts of his foster family. Rebeccah couldn’t part with her little miracle boy and officially adopted him.

It’s been three years since Clayton found his happily ever after. He’s a doting cat to everyone around him, both human and furry kind. Whenever his mom brings home new fosters, he will offer a helping paw—and give those kitties in need the same love that he received when he was rescued.

“Clayton means the world to me. I wake up most nights and he’s snuggled himself in my arms. He’s the perfect cat dad to all of my fosters. He’s so patient, gentle, and funny,” Rebeccah wrote.

“I laugh all the time over his quirks and mannerisms. He’s the perfect boy. He’s why I foster. I’m lucky to have him. People want a perfect pet but the wonky ones are the perfect ones.”

Clayton has come a long way since the day he was rescued from the Bronx streets.

“Fostering a cat literally saves lives. Clayton is a success story and a testament to the power of working together. It really does take a village!”

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