From Abandonment to Affection: Resilient Sniffles’ Heartwarming Canine Tale

More than anything, a sick puppy who was attacked by other dogs and lost his nose needs a home. According to a local news story, he currently has a ton of potential dog-moms and dog-dads.

Sniffles the dog has had a difficult life since he was abandoned in Puerto Rico. He has several health problems and has been bitten by other stray dogs. However, Sniffles has made significant progress since his initial condition and may soon find a home after visiting the US for treatment and sharing his experience with a charity. of animals based in Florida.

It is believed that Sniffles had to suffer terrible living circumstances in Puerto Rico. He has whipworms and hookworms in addition to other parasites, so his teeth require immediate treatment.

He was reportedly attacked by other stray dogs, who left him with numerous injuries and various illnesses, which is why he no longer has a nose.

He was eventually adopted by a family in the US after a local animal rescue organization found him in Puerto Rico, where it was thought he might receive better medical care.

However, that was only a temporary position. Sniffles was in danger because he needed continuous medical attention and kept running away. He eventually found a home with Florida’s Poodle

On December 19, the rescue took him in and immediately began looking for a place for him. As a result, he appeared on Orlando’s WESH news program on December 24.

After that, Sniffles’ fortunes changed. At least 100 people have called the shelter to express interest after hearing about her adoption.

He will need a committed adopter who will clear his nasal passages twice a day and provide him with daily drops for dry eyes. In a statement to, shelter spokesperson Rebecca Lynch said. She has many parasites, including whipworms and hookworms, which could be a sign that her living conditions were unsanitary before she came into our care.

Additionally, it showed evidence of the Ehrlichia tick disease. She is receiving treatment and should make a full recovery. Sniffles is a strong guy who still loves others despite his illnesses and difficulties.

Lynch continued: “Young Sniffles is a powerful guy. Despite his past, Sniffles has begun to come out of his shell after initially showing some reluctance and confusion. He wags his tail, likes to be outdoors, gets along well with other dogs and, due to his illness, makes adorable snorts. The dog also loves to be petted. He is a cute and content pup, so we are pleased that his story has generated so much interest since it aired locally in Central Florida.

Unfortunately, Sniffles’ narrative is not exceptional, despite the peculiarity of his appearance. Every week, Sniffles and other canines with particular requirements are accepted into our rescue. The organization hopes that anyone who decides not to adopt Sniffles will adopt another cat with special needs, give him one, or adopt animals instead of some of the great alternatives they have for him. Neighborhood resident Genesis Diaz has been taking care of Sniffles in the meantime. When she woke up this morning, WESH said, he was watching her from the side of her bed. Suddenly, he lunged at her, spun her around, and started licking her face.

People who save animals are also in love. He’s just a good old man, I said. He has captivated everyone at the heart of the facility, says Michelle Wacker, the clinic’s medical director. He is a trustworthy dog. Simply put, he seems strange.



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