Feline Heroes: Cole and Marmalade’s Quest to Rescue Fendi

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The Riedel and Cody Fund shared a success story for Fendi, a cat found on the side of the road in Greenup, KY. Sadly, he had somehow broken two legs and his pelvis, possibly hit by a car. Fortunately, a delivery driver spotted an emaciated Fendi, scooping him up and taking him home. Then, the driver-turned hero and his wife looked for help from rescuers online, and wow, did they find it –and then some!

Back in late March, Cole and Marmalade partnered with Waggle to help raise funds for Fendi’s extensive veterinary care. The Waggle site is a nonprofit that offers a way to crowdsource funds for pets in need like Fendi. Importantly, 100% of funds go directly to the pet’s care.

After sharing the story with our wonderful followers, over 111 people donated to help her!

“Another success story in the books!” the Riedel and Cody Fund shared on Facebook.

“Fendi had successful surgery on his two broken legs which are now fully healed! He was found lying in a field starving, with broken legs and a broken pelvis. Now Fendi is 10.6 pounds and living a carefree, mobile, and pain-free life thanks to all our you!”

Fendi Remained Sweet and Loving Despite Grave Injuries

As shared on Waggle, Fendi was the sweetest kitty despite being in great pain. When rescuers gave him some food, he was so grateful and affectionate with them.

“Grateful. That might be the best way to describe Fendi. The moment the injured, emaciated cat ate the food his rescuers fed him, he purred with pure excitement. With every bite, Fendi let everyone know how thankful he is by saying, “Nom, nom, nom. Nom, nom, nom.” It’s so precious and almost unbelievable they recorded video of him humming with happiness.”

Possibly, Fendi was left injured in the field for days, and was still so sweet to his rescuers (It had been so long, his injuries had started to heal improperly).

Video below – SOUND UP!

Responding to the delivery driver, One by One Animal Advocates in Huntington, WV, came to the rescue. Afterward, they took him to an emergency animal hospital, Proctorville Animal Clinic.

Images via Waggle

Fendi Makes the Best of it All

Despite Fendi’s extensive injuries, his prognosis for recovery remained excellent. After all the suffering, his will to live was so strong.

“This cat will make the best of every situation,” One by One rescuer Heather said. “He improves your mood immediately. If he can be this happy and loving when he’s so broken, he will be fantastic. Everyone who has met him thinks he’s phenomenal.”

At the rescue, foster mom Teresa Atkins agreed to take in Fendi despite his serious health issues. He needed orthopedic pins put in both legs, recovering for six weeks while wearing diapers. Then, another kind person donated carpeting so Fendi would have a comfortable surface in his room.


Foster mom Teresa Atkins with another kitty via Facebook

Fendi Makes Full Recovery Thanks to Everyone

With Atkin’s care, the cat started rapidly gaining four pounds after arriving so scrawny and ailing. All in all, numerous rescuers and veterinarians were involved in assuring this cat would find a new life. One of those groups includes Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, based in Cincinnati and Staten Island, New York.

And, all of you who donated through Waggle allowed Fendi to start a new life!

“Fendi has a carefree, mobile, pain-free life thanks to the many Waggle supporters who supported his necessary medical care, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!” states Fendi’s Waggle Campaign Update.

After all that Fendi endured, it took a village to make it right, and the village, including Cole and Marmalade’s followers, stepped up. Now, this cat will offer loving companionship to a very lucky family!

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