Feline Charm: From Stray to Snuggle Buddy, This Fluffy Kitten Captivates Hearts with Its Purring Prowess

Once lost on the street, now purring loudly, this fluffy kitten claims hearts faster than laps

cute fluffy kitten lap cat

Carmella  EllenRichter

A tiny kitten was found alone outside and brought to an animal shelter late last month. At 7-8 weeks old, she barely weighed a pound and was just skin and bones beneath her fluffy coat.

The kitten had an injured lip and was covered in filth. “We imagine she was eating out of the garbage bin to stay alive – which also explains the injuries on her mouth. She needed a long, warm bath to get clean,” Homeward Bound Cat shared.

“Ellen Richter (a volunteer for Homeward Bound Cat) bundled her up in a blanket, and she spent her first night in her foster home knowing love and kindness.”

fluffy stray kitten

Carmella was found as a stray covered in filthEllenRichter

Despite a rough start, the kitten was surprisingly friendly and affectionate and started purring the second Ellen looked at her. She was content with a roof over her head, a warm bed, and a full belly.

When Ellen wrapped her in a blanket on her lap, her rumble instantly intensified.

kitten fluffy snuggly

She purred up a storm when she snuggled with her foster mom on her lapEllenRichter

“She reminded me of a cream puff and chocolate swirl tiramisu concoction.” With the help of the online community, she was lovingly named Carmella Cream Puff.

Carmella was too tiny to jump on Ellen’s lap on her own but quickly figured out how to climb the pet stairs to get there. She squeaked to demand cuddles and to be tucked in a blanket. Her purr engine never seemed to stop running.

fluffy tabby kitten

She’s an attention seeker, always ready for a hugEllenRichter

Ellen cleaned off the dirt and grime from her coat and combed out all the mats and knots. Carmella came out from the spa day looking like a fluffy cloud.

With a fresh, clean look and a good appetite, the kitten started gaining weight, and her personality shone.

fluffy tabby kitten sweet


Whenever Ellen enters the room, Carmella launches herself out of bed, climbs down the pet stairs, and makes a beeline for her foster mom.

She purrs and chirps until she’s curled up comfortably on Ellen’s lap or shoulders – a little supervisor in the making.

fluffy tabby kitten sweet

When she’s not a lap cat, she’s a shoulder catEllenRichter

With a renewed interest in toys and her surroundings, Carmella is starting to play and explore. She gets a burst of energy after feeding and pounces around like a floating cloud.

“She’s also enjoying a new scratcher. Most of the time, she spends sleeping or lying in my lap.”

cute fluffy kitten lap cat

With newfound energy, she’s starting to play and exploreEllenRichter

In two weeks, Carmella has made significant progress. Her fur is soft and gleaming. Her appetite has increased with her new favorite food. Her mischievous and adventurous side is on full display.

fluffy stray kitten

She keeps her foster mom entertained with her playful anticsEllenRichter

Carmella has stolen the hearts of many across social media. They swoon at her tiny but mighty attitude, her irresistible face, and loud purrs that seem to go on forever.

kitten fluffy snuggly

She is tiny but gives big hugsEllenRichter

She goes from playful pounces to cuddly purr-fests in the blink of an eye and keeps her foster mom entertained with endless silly antics.

fluffy tabby kitten

Carmella decided to wrestle with the brushEllenRichter

With a second chance and a foster home, the once-skinny alley kitty has transformed into a purring cuddle bug.

fluffy tabby kitten sweet

When she demands attention, it’s impossible to say noEllenRichter

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