Embracing Uniqueness: The Inspiring Tale of a Skinny Puppy’s Acceptance in the Village Games

Introducing an extraordinary pig who believes it’s a canine! Virginia, a Juliana pig, has captured the hearts of millions online, thanks to her owner’s Reddit page, Pigpimpin. This 10-month-old pig shares a home in Colorado with her owners and two boxer dogs, living the best of both worlds.

Virginia the pig, affectionately dubbed “Pigpimpin”, has become quite the sensation with her owner’s followers due to her unique behavior. Despite being a pig, she seems to think she is a dog, thanks to being raised alongside her owner’s two boxers since she was a mere three months old. According to Pigpimpin, Virginia loves to cuddle and is particularly fond of her owner’s boyfriend. Whenever he settles down on the couch, she doesn’t waste a second to climb onto his lap. Despite her unusual canine tendencies, Virginia has seamlessly adapted to living alongside the two dogs in their Colorado home, even picking up some of their habits along the way. In a hilarious turn of events, Pigpimpin shared that Virginia has even indulged in some pork herself. One day, while trying to feed a piece of sausage to one of the dogs, it accidentally landed on the floor where Virginia quickly swooped in and devoured it. Pigpimpin humorously refers to this incident as “cannipigalism” – a nod to the unexpected turn of events in their household.

Virginia may have a reputation for being a messy pig, but in reality, she is quite the opposite. Despite suffering from occasional dandruff, she is very clean and odor-free. Surprisingly, Virginia is fully housebroken and doesn’t indulge in mud baths like other pigs. In fact, she is even cleaner than some dogs! Virginia is intelligent too, as she quickly learned to use the dog door and was easily potty trained. Pigs like Virginia are not just meant for livestock, they are loving and intelligent animals that make great pets. It’s no wonder they are gaining popularity beyond just being seen as food!

Virginia is completely potty trained and doesn’t mind scavenging for a stray sausage if it happens to fall on the ground. Once she reaches her full size, she is expected to weigh around 50lbs. Her owner mentioned, “She catches on quicker than the dogs. When we got a dog door, she figured it out right away. The dogs took a few days of barking and pawing at it before realizing they could use it too. It only took Virginia about a day to learn how to use the litter box. Since we got the dog door, she’s been going outside on her own and is very tidy about it.”

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