Embracing Optimism: The Inspiring Journey of a Limb-Amputee Girl in Favorite Sports



Congenital amputation syndrome is a rare disease in which patients are born with defects in their limbs. Most of these deformed babies have no arms and legs, or their hands and feet are directly connected to the body, much like the limbs of a seal, so it is called “Seal limb deformity” and “seal fetus”. The little girl in the picture is suffering from congenital amputation syndrome.


In the picture, her attending doctor picks her up. Because she cannot exercise, her body is very weak, and illness is a common occurrence.

The girl can only lie down every day, but she has a strong character and insists on studying and eating by herself. She is also very optimistic by nature and often smiles when meeting strangers.

She also hopes to learn and play happily like normal children, but other children are more curious about her than friendly.

She watched other children playing, and even a simple body movement seemed to her like a luxury. Whenever a child made an exaggerated movement, she laughed with joy.

Because her body may be immobile for a long time, there may be many hidden dangers, so she will exercise on time and do rehabilitation training under the guidance of a doctor.

Although she is very young, she is still studying hard. The little girl in the picture learned to draw with her mouth. She understands that all this must be achieved through hard work.

God was so unfair to her, and she often asked doctors why, but she still persisted in her life, smiling every day.

The doctor responsible for the treatment is already planning to install a prosthetic limb for her. This sensible girl insists on exercising and is optimistic and happy. The medical staff hope that this optimistic and smiling girl can exercise and live alone like normal people. Just like any other kid. Even if she doesn’t have a complete childhood, I hope she has a complete life.


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