Drama Unfolds: Justin Bieber’s Public Confrontation with Wife Sparks Controversy

Many opinions confirm the male singer’s actions of mistreating his wife. However, there are also people who think that he is just trying to express a certain story.

Recently, a clip of Justin Bieber loudly scolding his model wife Hailey Baldwin has spread at breakneck speed on social networks everywhere. Very quickly, the incident attracted countless streams of controversy from public opinion.

The whole scene of the clip is controversial.
clip justin bieber having sex with his wife - brother 1
It can be seen that Justin seemed to be upset about something and bluntly shouted at his wife Hailey.

People are very excited about the above incident. Many people believe that Justin’s action was insensitive because no matter what Hailey did, she did not deserve to be publicly humiliated like this:

– “If a couple has a temper, they should resolve it privately.”

– “If a husband and wife quarrel at the head of the bed, they will make up at the end of the bed.”

– “Justin treating Hailey like that is really bad”

Besides, there are also many opinions defending that Justin is just confiding in Hailey about something that makes him upset. In addition, many people also think that Justin was “singing” for his wife but accidentally “got too involved” leading to a somewhat confusing expression. The above incident still attracts many mixed opinions everywhere.

clip justin bieber is having sex with his wife - brother 2
The clip was filmed at the Encore Resort hotel in Las Vegas.
clip of justin bieber having sex with his wife - brother 3
“Justin’s actions were really insensitive” – ​​a fan expressed.
clip justin bieber having sex with his wife - brother 4
“I feel like he’s talking about something annoying rather than being angry at Hailey…” – a netizen defended.

It is known that this is not the first time the couple was caught arguing. The moment Justin “abused” Hailey was recorded many times by reporters and fans in public places or even on online livestreams. From small things like losing a game or accidentally interrupting Justin’s work time, all make him hot-tempered and lead to arguments.

On social media, there is even a clip longer than 5 minutes summarizing all the moments when Justin treated the female model badly.

Losing a game can also make Justin angry and yell at Hailey.
Netizens have compiled all the moments when Justin mistreated Hailey and posted them on the YouTube platform. There is a clip of the male singer publicly disparaging his wife’s body.

In another development, not only the Hailey-Justin couple, Scooter Braun (Justin’s manager) also suffered from “black love”. Specifically, according to Vanity Fair’s sources, the divorce petition between Scooter and his wife Yael Cohen has been approved by the court. This also means that the couple has officially “went their separate ways” after 7 years of living together.

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