Dog Discovers Kittens in the House and Instinctively Becomes Their Nurturing Guardian

A dog noticed kittens in the house and decided to “mother” them the way she knew how.

Kitten Journey to Forever Home

Greta the kitten and her foster journey to forever home

Two Sweet Kittens Communicate Through Purr Meows


Kona and her foster kittens@shibuyarollcall

Five kittens from two separate litters arrived at their foster home for a chance at a better life. Fred and Barney were found outside with their mom who had stopped caring for them. Betty, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm were transferred from a partner animal shelter.

Their foster mom Asa of Animal Welfare League of Arlington provided a comfortable space with plenty of warm blankets and toys. In no time, they started eating like champs, pouncing around, wrestling with each other before crashing into a slumber.

Soon after arriving, the sound of the newcomers caught the ear of a canine resident, and she was thrilled.

BammBamm, Betty and Pebbles (tabby)@shibuyarollcall


Kona, a kitten-adoring dog, couldn’t contain her excitement when she noticed that there were new fosters in the house. Over the years, she has helped raise many kittens, and even the shyest ones can’t resist her love.

She was originally rescued with her own puppies and eventually found her happily ever after with Asa.

Fred and Barney@shibuyarollcall

Once a mother, always a mother. Kona doesn’t want her nest to be empty and has found a passion in caring for kittens in need. To Kona, the more the merrier.

While the two litters weren’t ready to mingle face-to-face until they were medically clear, Kona was more than willing to step in to offer some motherly love.

Kona immediately started cleaning their faces@shibuyarollcall

Kona would go around their playpen, wagging her tail so fast that it turned into a helicopter propeller. “She has been so excited to meet them since they arrived,” Asa shared with Love Meow.

A few days later, she had her official meet-and-greet with the babies. She was completely over the moon when one of the kittens, Betty, hopped on her back for a ride.

Betty greeted Kona by climbing on her back@shibuyarollcall

“Just a few minutes into meeting them and she’s already taken over the very important role as Betty’s personal jungle gym. She’s in heaven having kittens all over her again.

“Betty and Pebbles started climbing all over her from the moment they met, playing with her legs, floppy ears, and nonstop wagging tail, and they would all take a nap together.”

Pebbles adores her canine mama@shibuyarollcall

Bamm-Bamm was a bit shy at first but couldn’t resist Kona’s charm. Within a few minutes, he was following her around, vying for her love.

When it came time to meet Fred and Barney, Fred made a beeline to Kona as if she were his mom. Barney was a bit unsure initially, but five minutes later, he was hanging out with Kona in a cat bed.

Kona loves napping in a cat bed with her kittens@shibuyarollcall

Kona is very attentive and gives the kittens all the slobbery kisses and cuddles she could possibly supply.

Yesterday, the two litters officially came together as one big clowder. After romping around their playpen and getting to know each other, they all trickled into bed with Kona who immediately started cleaning them.

It’s a cuddle puddle with Kona@shibuyarollcall

One by one, the kittens all drifted off to sleep on their canine mama.

Now every morning Kona gleefully leads Asa to the kitten room, so she can tend to her babies the way she knows how.


The five littles are thriving in foster care with their canine mama catering to their every whim. Kona will come running if the kittens cry. She makes sure that they are always loved.


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