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It’s a rainy season and there is heavy rainfall in this area.

This is the time of the year where majority of this region’s precipitation occurs, though it’s like this.

We had to come and visit this family and they were all ready to welcome us, even when it meant standing in rain for some hours.

Though it’s called here, children always find a way of having fun playing, regardless of the condition.

We visit a family of more than 13 members, starting from the grandmother to grandchildren.

Today we talk about that daughter who was born different and continues living a very difficult life, while some people think that she no longer exists.

But here she is, 17-year-old epiphany, is going through hell of a life, all because of her health conditions, that sometimes she has to even hide herself from people to avoid contact with different people who, some of them, bully and trouble the teenager due to her body condition.

She says people have mistreated her in one way or the other, where they keep telling her that she’s different, that she has a bug like that of a chemo, and many negative comments.

This condition usually refers to an abnormally cuffed spine.

Some people with kyphosis have back pain and stiffness.

Others have no symptoms other than an exaggerated forward rounding of the back.

Due to this condition she’s always feeling weak- her whole body though she’s weak

And she’s always bullied, most often in class.

She says she tries to have a better academic performance in class, and that is the way she revenges against those who bully her by out competing them in class.

She’s keen on her studies and says she dreams of becoming an important person in the family who help in making others people dreams come true.

She is now in her final all-level year, that is, senior three.

She’s getting ready to sit for national exams this year

And she’s keen on performing well and earning herself a promotion to an advanced level where she’ll be learning medical related studies so that by when she graduates she’ll become a professional doctor.

Though she’s working and doing her best in class, she says she’s afraid that she may not continue her studies due to this illness.

She says the illness makes her feel too much body pain daily.

It’s not only that reason, but her parents also do sometimes fail to pay her school fees, and this too might be the reason she thinks she may be chased away from class due to failure to pay school fees.

She prays that God makes a way for her to keep learning, as she knows that education is a key to a bright future.

She says that one of her big worries is the old house which they live in, and due to the way it’s raining hard here these days, she’s afraid that if not given any support, they might find themselves being taken away by water anytime soon.

She wishes that her parents would be given some support to renovate the house or else construct another one or even get money to buy a brand new house, because she can clearly see that this house will not last for long.

39 year old beater is the mother to epiphany.

She says they’re really leaving a very difficult life, plus the fact that she lost the husband a few years ago, and now raising these children alone and covering all their need is a very big task.

After giving birth to her daughter, it looked as if the daughter was normal without any health issues, but later fought out.

She was born discipled with both arms and legs physically impaired.

The daughter kept growing but showing too much body weakness, and everyone would say that she was not normal.

And all she did as a mother was praying that God would help her daughter.

Due to the daughter’s condition, she says she never thought that one day she’ll even stand on her feet and move because it took too long for the daughter to start walking.

She says epiphany stood and started working at five years.

She had lost hope seeing her daughter crawling at four, but after turning five the mother celebrated and these restored her hopes.

And that’s when she took her to school.

Due to being weak and living far from school, the 17 year old is safe to always stand up late for classes and as a parent she says she has no way of fixing this, and the school administrators also know that the 17-year-old tries her best, though she still ends up coming late at school as a single mother here in this village, plus the fact that she has other six children to take care of plus other family members, in-house life here is difficult.

She needs support from anyone with a kind heart.

So as to help her raise these children, she suggests that maybe a capital would be vital.

The mother of seven urged that this hunchback issue of the girl’s disability is a big health issue where she requests some medical help and as, if not treated, her daughter might be forced to drop out of school.

This family of more than 13 people needs a lot for them to survive, as their life depends on top of this mother’s head after losing her husband a few years ago.

You can help this family into a net for them to have a better and improved life by contributing via the giving life’s link, phone in description and pinned in top comments.

In life, many people depend on rain for their livelihood and more as much as rain can cause happiness, there are times when this phenomena can cause distress to others.

However, we can all agree that sometimes happiness is simply a walk in the rain or dance in the rain.

We all have gone through that part of our life when reigns have come to us as the body of relief.

Our mind, soul and body have all been refreshed by rain.

It is said: do not be angry with rain, for it simply does not know how to fall upwards.


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