Delving into Nigeria’s Poverty: Is This Family the Epitome of Destitution

How many of you believe that a beautiful girl like this is living in a place like this with our family?

This family have been going through extreme difficulties for more than four years now and not too many persons even know anything about it.

This is where we are living.

Sir, please call.

Let me show you we are believing her for the past four years now.


Yes, sir, look after our house.

How many of you live here?

Yeah, I think so.

Yes, sir, yes, sir, this is my sisters and my mother.

I eat little kids.

My, my sisters and brothers too.

Are they sick?

Yes, Sir, we are very, very sick.

Where’s your mom?

Wow, wow, please, Sir, we need help.

The up and down everywhere is leaking very badly.

Mosquito, everything, snake around everywhere.

People kill snake a lot here.

Yes, Sir, cat, everything, water went tiring for, cannot be able to stay a cold, everything, and you have been living like this for four years, for the past four years.

How old are you 18 years?

Okay, how long have you guys been living in this environment the past four years now?

Wow, this is really sad.

How many times a day do you guys eat one times every day?

Wow, you go hungry most nights.

Yes, have you ever felt the temptation to run away from this house?

Yes, everything you’re always feeling that way.

Yes, do you bring your friends here?

No, what your friends think about you?

The the normal used to communicate with me as before, safe, even when I sit there in the Royal greeting.

When I tell that I let them come to my house, they say: which house do you have a house?

So all those things I know it’s to bring anyone to my site.

I don’t have a friend because you know used to come and visit me.

So I just.

I just stay on my own early morning above and go.

I’m learning work to just stay.

Hmm, this is sad.

Um, do you pray to God?

Yes, I do.

Have you ever felt the temptation to do anything bad to survive?

Yes, you do feel the temptation.

What has been stopping you?

Is God that will be stopping me.

What is something you like to be in the future if God gives you an opportunity to succeed?

What is something you like?


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