Cruelty Unleashed: Owner’s Heartless Actions Leave Dying Dog to Fend for Itself

This poor dog who was treated unfairly by his owner. The little dog was left without food for a long time and was forced to drink rainwater to survive.

The owner simply stopped caring about her and decided that everything would end by itself. But the dog didn’t want to give up and held on as best he could!

It’s been 6 months since this dog was rescued. An anonymous person reported an incident of this poor animal being treated unfairly by its owner. The man said that he saw this dog in the yard, it was lying and did not move at all!

It was clear from her that she had no strength left to fight! To survive, the dog drank rainwater because he had no food!

The rescuers decided not to leave this case unpunished and reported this case to the police! The dog was in a desperate state and too weak to just stand up, hoping she would walk didn’t even make sense.

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