Courageous Journey: Teenager Overcomes Stiff Person Syndrome and Seizures with Strength and Resilience

Now, at 17 years old, he still can’t enjoy a normal life. My meager monthly income of Rs 7000 is far from enough to cover the ₹7,66,000 ($ 9200.07) needed for his treatment. Please, help me save his health and secure his future, for without the timely treatment, it could prove fatal for him…

The impact of my son’s diagnosis was such that ever since my wife heard about it, she frequently has fits. I’ve spent nearly Rs 5 lakhs to date, of which I borrowed Rs 3 lakhs from others and used up my lifetime savings to afford the rest.

As a father, my only aim is to provide the best care and support for my children. But it hurts me to see my son in this condition and I am unable to comfort him.

He is physically deformed and unable to perform basic tasks, including eating.

Despite being 17 years old, he looks much younger. He cannot walk or go outside and interact with others. Most of the day, he lies in his bed, watching other children play outside the house.

I run a departmental store, and with the earnings, it’s challenging to support a family of six.

My wife’s condition is also severe, and I’m struggling to manage everything alone. My children are my only support right now.

After multiple tests and scans, the doctors revealed that Moshin requires a conservative management treatment. He will need to stay in the hospital for 15 days during the treatment, and the total cost for this is a substantial Rs 10,36,400.

This treatment will greatly benefit my son. However, in order for it to begin, we need to collect the necessary funds as soon as possible.

With my monthly income of Rs 7000, there’s no way I can afford the life-saving treatment Moshin needs.

In the past few weeks, we’ve used up all our savings and borrowed loans to settle the hospital bills, but they still fell short. I’m already buried under a mountain of debts, and I have no other source of support left.

Given these circumstances, I’m deeply concerned about my ability to save my beloved son. This treatment is the only path to a future of good health for my child.

Please, help save my son. Your support means everything to us!



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