Cat Becomes Hero by Shielding Kittens, Melts Hearts When Rescuer Opens Home

A cat who lay on top of her kittens to protect them, turned so affectionate when someone opened her home to help.

cute cat hugs kitten

Sequoia the catLarissa @larissadubzLast month, a stray cat brought her four kittens to a resident’s garage in search of a safe haven. They were later surrendered to an animal shelter, desperately needing a foster home.

The shelter put out several pleas to local rescues asking for assistance. Larissa Dub, an ER doctor who volunteers for Liberation Cat House, received their final plea for help and leapt into action.

“The shelter mentioned she was not allowing handling of herself or her babies by the staff there. She was in the cage and would lay on top of her babies to protect them,” Larissa told Love Meow.

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Larissa @larissadubzLarissa set up a room for the cat mom named Sequoia, so she could raise her kittens in a comfortable environment with plenty of good food and all the blankets at her disposal. “She deserved a chance at life and so did each of her babies.”

When Larissa arrived at the shelter for pickup, she didn’t know how the cat mom would react to her handling them.

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Larissa @larissadubz“The second she was in my carrier and we were leaving the shelter, she seemed relaxed and showed zero signs of aggression,” Larissa shared with Love Meow.

“Once we got home, I opened her carrier in our foster bedroom, and she immediately came out and started rubbing all over me.”

sweet calico cat

Larissa @larissadubzSequoia’s demeanor completely changed the moment she realized that she and her babies no longer had to stay in the kennel.

She was delighted with her new living arrangements, and the wariness in her eyes turned into complete contentment. “She knew at that time that she was safe.”

cute cat hugs kitten

Larissa @larissadubzAfter a tour around her new space, Sequoia went into her carrier, came out with a kitten and carried him over to her foster mom. She placed her precious baby on Larissa’s lap as if to give her human the official stamp of approval.

“Mama Sequoia is so caring with her babies and the absolute sweetest cat. She loves rubbing all over us and especially loves the scratch pad we gave her. She is the most affectionate mama cat I’ve fostered.”

cat mom hugs kittens

Larissa @larissadubzWith undivided attention and unconditional love from Sequoia, the kittens (all boys) have grown by leaps and bounds. They’ve become so playful and inquisitive, scampering around with each other, climbing anything they can lay their paws on.

They all respond to Larissa’s voice and will swarm over to her for attention and snuggles. “They squeak and greet me when I come in to visit them.”

cat kitten paws cute

Bryce, Smokey, Rainier and ZionLarissa @larissadubz“Sequoia is a kitten herself. She’s likely less than a year old, extremely affectionate and playful. She is very vocal and loves chin scratches and head kisses. She talks to us every opportunity she has and allows us to carry her.”

sweet calico cat

Larissa @larissadubzOne of the kittens, Smokey (tuxedo), has a congenital abnormality and is missing a hind foot, but he doesn’t think he’s any different.

He can hold his own just fine when he roughhouses with his siblings, Bryce, Rainier and Zion.

sleeping kittens

Rainier, Smokey, Bryce and ZionLarissa @larissadubzSequoia kept her kittens safe when they were outside and brought them to the garage in hopes of finding a safe place to raise her young.

They are now thriving in their foster home and loving every second of it.

cat mom kitten loving

Larissa @larissadubz“She adores each and every one of her kittens. They will all be going up for adoption in the next few weeks and will hopefully all find loving homes.”

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