Abandoned and Unloved: The Tragic Story of a Malodorous Cat Left to Struggle

Today, we received a severely injured cat. It had no strength left and could barely move. It lay there, in front of our door, weak and waiting for death. No one knew what terrible things it had endured in the past.

The cat looked miserable with its body covered in blood and open wounds. The stench emanating from it filled the air. Its appearance was like a terrifying character in a horror movie, causing people to quickly avoid it.

When I saw it lying in front of the door without moving, I felt scared. Immediately, along with my colleagues, we took the cat to the hospital. It was in a terrible condition, constantly scratching its head on the ground due to the unbearable itchiness. It couldn’t eat because of the discomfort, and it was no longer hungry.

Large areas of skin on its shoulders, head, and back were missing. It was in a state of ulceration and infested with parasites. The doctor was cleaning and removing dirt from the wounds. They even had to remove live maggots from its body. These images could make you feel frightened, so we blurred them out.

However, the cat seemed to understand that it was receiving help. It lay quietly and obediently. The doctor took a lot of time to treat its wounds. But now, it looks much more comfortable and no longer cries out in pain.

Currently, the cat is receiving special care at the hospital. The treatment costs are not small, but we will do everything for the cat’s life. We hope that tomorrow will be better, and beautiful things will come to it.


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